A trine usually implicates three heavenly bodies, but this trine involves only two -“ Pluto and Saturn. They seem to be dancing with each other a lot lately.

A trine is a positive influence. Saturn is about structure, discipline and responsibility and Pluto about focused attention, power, and the psyche.

Marry these together and there is a restructuring of the psyche on some level where the outcome will be to become more focused in a responsible way.

You may need to do some tidying up in this area first so you can become more focused, especially if you have some unfinished business to take care of, so you can give it your full attention. Saturn will be encouraging you to take care of this.

These planets are here to support us energetically and we are all at different levels in our personal growth, so this influence will affect you all in a different way. Enjoy the journey and remember, it’s not just about the destination.


A consistent theme of health and career will carry through till 2009. Power in the workplace will come from hard work and a restructure of your ethics. It’s hard to imagine just how much your wellbeing overflows and impacts on your success, but it does. Put in the effort now, as this will make the rest of the period less taxing.


Your task is an education in life. As a result you stand to learn more about yourself than you could have ever imagined. It isn’t always going to be easy, but your efforts won’t go unnoticed and the rewards far outweigh the tribulation. Persistence is one of the things that Taureans are good at. Keep moving forward.


Retracing your steps and revising your past are necessary right now for a transformation to take place. This ties in with your current set of values and beliefs. Maybe some things aren’t the same any more, or maybe it’s you who won’t be the same any more. Changing residence or your domestic situation is evident also.


You’re on a path of constructing what it is that love and relationships mean to you. This includes the relationship you have with yourself. It’s important to get in touch with and gain understanding of this before the other can happen. The end result will help you find the power in love. Your heart’s desire will become more attainable.


A revision of assets is taking place. This includes money, skills, talents and yourself. You are your greatest asset and once you discover this you’ll start to see how it will impact on your work. It will take effort once Saturn moves forward in May as it’s time to act. Learn all you can in this phase.


If you are avoiding responsibility and not taking care of necessary business, Saturn will slap you in the face and apply pressure. Whatever it is in your world that needs attention, you are advised to attend to it. The universe has a funny way of teaching you lessons and they get harder the longer they are ignored.


There are circumstances in your past that will unlock the power of your future. If things are going great, then you are on the right track and should continue on your way. If they’re not so great, face the negative issues that led you here. Only then can progress take place and life start to get brighter.


You still have a lot to offer the groups and networks you associate with and your words can hold a lot of power. If your heart is in the right place and selfless acts are your goal, you have the opportunity to make a big difference to your surrounding community. This can have a ripple effect and stretch far.


Money may be the big issue of the moment. Career will also seem like hard work. If something hasn’t been working, then there is no use holding on to it. Evolution needs to take place and finding new ways of doing things, where these matters are concerned, is going to be the best way to proceed. Embrace change.


When going through the process of change, everything is up in the air and nothing makes sense. The more you try to rationalise your circumstances, the more frustrating it becomes. You will be prone to angry moments, which is natural, but try to see them for just that, moments. Objectivity can ease the stress.


Like your forecast last week, the auspicious period continues and will do so for a while. They say this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and, astrologically speaking, it most certainly is. Your sign will not see a time like this again for eons. Make the most of what is happening for you, whatever that may be.


You and your next door neighbour, Aquarius, are in for the time of all lifetimes. For you it is all happening subconsciously. A lot of things won’t make sense right now but, if you are spiritually minded and can delve deep within the recesses of your mind, then you stand to achieve a great deal.

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