Perth Queer Clubs Apologise For Racist Drag Queen Shows

Perth Queer Clubs Apologise For Racist Drag Queen Shows

Two queer venues in Perth have publicly apologised on social media for hosting racist performances by Drag Queens, some in blackface.

The racist performances came to light following an Instagram post by Aboriginal drag queen Felicia Foxx. The post highlighted past racist performances or posts by drag queens including by Ru Paul’s Drag Race Down under cast.

Being a Proud, Aboriginal & Gay Man it’s only right I bring it to everyone’s attention that RACISM is very much alive on the Queer scene, Fox had posted… My People & Our Culture Is Not A Joke For Any One Especially Privileged Dominating Cultures To Make A Mockery Out Of Us,” said Foxx.

The post had images of racist performances and social media posts by drag queens including Scarlet Adams,  Perri Prism, Hannah Conda, Dean Misdale and Veronica Jones.


Following the post, there were swift apologies from the queens involved, including Scarlet Adams,  Perri Prism, Hannah Conda, Dean Misdale and others. Karen From Finance, another queen who is part of the Drag Race Down Under cast, also apologised for a racist tattoo. 


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Now, two of the venues have reissued their apologies. 

Scarlet Adams Not Booked To Perform At The Court

The Court Hotel on Beaufort Street, a gay bar that claims to be Perth’s premier LGBTQIA+ venue, which had hosted the racist performance by Scarlet Adams, said they took “responsibility for not stopping them when they occurred and we are truly sorry.”

“We acknowledge the historic images shared on social media of Scarlet Adams and other performers here at The Court have offended people… we unreservedly apologise for any offense caused by any performance at the venue that has not been culturally appropriate. These shows, quite simply, should not have happened.” 

The bar said that the management team had met to discuss ways to be more inclusive. The venue added that “Scarlet Adams is not booked to perform here at The Court.”

‘Use Of Blackface Abhorrent’


Connections Nightclub, located on James Street, reissued an apology (first made in July 2020) after photos of racist performances were shared on social media.

“We want to apologise to the community as we deconstruct these ugly parts of our past and recognize the historical institutionalized privilege that we carry at the expense of the BIPOC community. The use of blackface and the mockery of the Aboriginal community and flag is abhorrent to us as a business and inclusive venue,” the venue said in its statement posted on Facebook.

The club said that it had asked the individual to leave and had suspended their shifts, but admitted that it had not taken any further disciplinary action. The club said it needed to also reflect on performers who had worn garments of other cultures including China, India, Japan and Korea.  “These were as inappropriate then as at any other time and we never want to use other peoples’ culture or identity as a ‘theme’,” the venue said, while promising to provide an inclusive space. 

If you feel distressed reading the story, you can reach out to support services.

For 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14

For Australia-wide LGBTQI peer support call QLife on 1800 184 527 or webchat.



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