Queensland Broncos Star Reece Walsh Called Out For Wearing Nail Polish

Queensland Broncos Star Reece Walsh Called Out For Wearing Nail Polish
Image: Image: Instagram

Twenty one year old Brisbane Broncos player Reece Walsh has come under fire from fans online overnight for wearing nail polish.

The furore started online after fans noticed the nail polish in photos posted by the player.

Whilst some immediately jumped in to judge him, many were there in support as well.

Reece Walsh: “Only in QLD”

It was an innocent Instagram post that drew Brisbane Broncos player Reece Walsh into the spotlight overnight.

Whilst out to lunch with fellow Broncos team mate Ezra Mam on Monday the NRL player shared a photo to his Instagram.

Image: Instagram

One fan spotted the black nail polish adorning his fingers in the image and took to an online fan forum to share their opinion and the image.

“Reece Walsh of painted fingernails fame … only in QLD” they wrote, accompanying the post with an eye roll emoji.

However many fans on the forum were quick to jump in and defend Walsh.

“Fragile masculinity lol. It’s just nail polish brah” wrote another on the forum.

And it was male fans who were jumping in to defend the young star too.

“I don’t see an issue other than needing some infills bra (shoutout my missus for the knowledge). You can be masculine and still do sh*t like this FYI” who another in his defence.

Others jumped in to point out that the choice may have been owing to his young daughter.

“Could be cause he has young daughter? Play on if your little one wants your nails painted.”

He has previously posted images of himself and his young daughter bonding together as she painted his nails.

Image: Instagram

However others online have not been as kind to the Broncos player.

“I remember a time when father’s would never allow their daughters to paint their nails”

As other social media channels covered the reaction by fans overnight many negative comments started to appear on the comments sections.

“I remember a time when father’s would never allow their daughters to paint their nails.”

“Back when children were told the difference between the sexes” wrote one, not so encouraging fan.

“Back in my days, footy training involved scraping your knuckles over rough concrete. How times have changed” wrote another.

“It’s social conditioning, it’s a clear sign of the youth today being brainwashed by mainstream society” posted another user.

Other comments were not fit for publication and demonstrated a considered lack of understanding and support for the Broncos player.

However overwhelming the public sentiment seemed to tip in favour of the player with countless messages of support encouraging people to largely “get over it.”

Many noted he had been spotted in recent days at training wearing nail polish and that it he had previously worn it without incident or public outcry.

Reece Walsh has yet to make any public comment regarding the comments about the online fan forum.

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12 responses to “Queensland Broncos Star Reece Walsh Called Out For Wearing Nail Polish”

  1. Reese can do whatever he wants with his nails, for whatever reason he chooses because it’s HIS choice, when it’s not hurting anybody. Only the insecure hell-bent on drawing a black line between genders seem to get offended by a little nail polish. Seriously 😳

  2. Take a look.at his Dad mate. He has his Dads lovely eyes. Mascara on a footy field in QLD.? Plain to see you’ve not played sport. Last a minute & be running down your face plus make up is too hot.
    Sad the comments. Not painting nails with ones little girl? Man up this isnt 50s. We moved out of the kitchen. Ezzra wears it as does Pat. They take Leila to the salon for fun.
    It’s how he plays footy & how he fathers his child that counts.

  3. Seriously, why is anyone commenting on something that has no effect on them. The nail polish is not hurting anyone or anything.
    How shallow can some people be.
    For those who made their “olden day ” comments. Don’t you remember your mother saying, if you can’t say anything nice about someone Don say anything at all.

  4. I’ve seen guys with some masculine coloured nails like black, orange and red and I think it looks pretty cool, not gay looking nails and in ancient villages, women and men used all sorts of decorative paints on their bodies and I’m sure nails were no different! I’m old school and I think it’s okay 👍

  5. Is he guy and its his way of showing it. Yes I realize he does have a daughter. But other guy guys have had female relationships before.
    Its not just the nails its his mascara on the eyes as well.
    His a pretty boy………

  6. Reece walsh should be able to wear anything he wants even if it means he will wear nailpolish that’s his choice

  7. For goodness sake!! Yes he and his little girl love painting nails …. get a life, people, get real. Ahhhhh gee, dear me, what is it??!!!

  8. Some people really need to get a life! And as for Walsh “yet to make any public comment,” why should he?