Transgender discrimination outlawed

Transgender discrimination outlawed

The state of Nevada has narrowly passed a law prohibiting employers from discriminating against transgender people.

All but one Democratic state senator voted for the bill, while a Republican, Senator Ben Kieckhefer, crossed the floor to ensure its passage.

Under the bill, employers with more than 15 employees cannot discriminate against a person based on their gender identity or expression.

Violations of the law would be investigated by the Nevada Equal Rights Commission.

“This vote puts Nevada with a small but growing group of states that stand for equality for transgender people,” Lauren Scott, a transgender woman who leads the group Equality Nevada, said.

Scott, a US Air Force veteran, said it had been “very difficult for transgender people to secure meaningful employment”.

Further bills outlawing discrimination against transgender Nevadans in housing, accommodation, and the provision of goods and services are being discussed in the state’s Assembly House.

However, buildings where the proprietor lives and has five or fewer rooms for rent would remain exempt.

In a positive sign, no one testified against the bills.

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