What a shame the Australian Democrats are now defunct. Sent to the wall by the people of Australia who favoured the Greens over the Democrats.

Sure, the Democrats were not perfect but they knew how to negotiate fairly with the government, and not hold the government to ransom.

Their ‘How To Votes’ never favoured either Labor or Liberal/National. They were always double-sided. On one side was ‘how to vote Democrat 1, Liberal 2.  On the reverse side was ‘how to vote Democrat 1, Labor 2’. How much more impartial can you get?

You won’t get it with the Greens who always ‘give’ their second preference to Labor.

Ah well, Australia, you’ve made your bed, now lie in it! What a shame.

— Ronnie


To Anthony (‘Irresponsible’, Letters,SSO 1065): The Liquor Act in NSW provides that all licensed premises must sign, adhere to and display a code of conduct.

This code of conduct is in a standard format or can be produced by the venue itself. Either way, it must include an undertaking not to have irresponsible promotions, targeting men, women and encouraging excessive drinking. It must include restrictions on happy hours and the distribution of free drinks.

Many years ago there was a loophole, which said the licensee could do anything as long as it was done responsibly. This loophole has been removed.

Breaches of this code can be dealt with by an infringement, or in serious cases or repeat offenders, it can be taken to court.

In the case of court action, a fine can be imposed up to 10 times the standard infringement and/or incarceration. If an infringement or successful court proceedings are taken, this can be used by the police and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to build a case against the licensee and premises, to go to court and possibly have the licensee removed, or the premises’ licence restricted.

These matters should be brought to the attention of the local police command or OLGR. I would do both. Complain and do it loudly.

— Mark


The Liberals’ proposal to send trams up Oxford St seems to me to be a way for them to finally get what they have always wanted — the end of Mardi Gras.
Oxford St is only three lanes either side.

If you take out two lanes in the middle for the tracks, another two for the platforms for the trams — see the stop at Paddy’s Market for a comparable size — that leaves one lane for traffic — cars, buses, pushbikes and trucks.

Nowhere is mentioned the impact on local businesses. With this proposal there would be none existent on street parking along Oxford St.

This proposal is being touted by the soon-to-be NSW minister for transport Gladys Berejiklian. Ask her how she thinks the floats of Mardi Gras would fit up Oxford St, not to mention the 10 to 12-abreast marching groups squeezing between the station platforms.



What the hell is that woman thinking (‘Marriage equality un-Australian: Gillard’, SS0 1065)?

I’m ashamed to share a hair colour with her. In my opinion who we as Australians marry, same sex or not, is our own business.

We need a new PM.

I thought it was a landmark in history that a female was elected PM, but now I want a do-over. She doesn’t deserve that honour. I didn’t vote in the last election to take a stand against this pathetic excuse of a democracy, but I definitely will in the next.

— Kate


Homosexual couples are recognised by Centrelink and benefits are raised or lowered, according to what their partner earns.

Why is this allowed, yet they are not legally able to recognise that partnership with all the other benefits marriage brings?

All couples are deserving of equality.

Regardless of what an old book says.

Regardless of what closed-minded people still think.

They are part of society and the community and deserve to be treated as such.

— CW

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