Get X-Gayted in Brisbane this Weekend 

Get X-Gayted in Brisbane this Weekend 
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Are you after something a little bit different to entertain? Do you enjoy something a little sexy? Somewhere you can really let your hair down?  

Look no further than X-Gayted. This drag show with a difference is a unique and tantalising night of performances that will get your blood racing, expand your mind and promise to deliver something different that Brisbane has not yet seen.

A sensory extravaganza

X-Gayted is the creation of drag star Terry Daktyl and choreographed by Emiyl Dawson of ED creative and is described as “a sensory extravaganza that challenges norms, celebrates diversity, and ignites passions, while also leaving you in stitches of laughter!” 

Drag performers Terry Daktyl, Karmin Dioxide and Justine Kace will take to the stage to deliver an incredible night of sizzling dance performances to some of your favourite artists from around the world including Kylie Minogue, Kim Petras, Prince, Sam Smith and Madonna just to name a few. But it’s not just a night of dancing, patrons can expect to see much more than they would expect from a regular drag show, this will be a night to remember. 

Challenge your perceptions

X-Gayted describes itself as more than just a drag show, this night of performances is designed to ignite your senses and challenge your perceptions as you explore a new world of performance that “fearlessly presents the spectrum of human desire, love, and connection, leaving the audience with a profound understanding and appreciation.” 

However this night isn’t just about the performers, it is also about involving the audience in creating this unique atmosphere. Terry and their team pride themselves on creating a safe space for all of their guests. A space where everyone is welcome to express who they are without fear or judgement, free from societal constraints they may experience in a standard night out.  

Guests are invited to wear whatever makes them feel irresistibly sexy to ensure they can feel free and relaxed in this unique night of self-expression.  

Embrace your inner confidence and express your unique style

“If you’re ready to break free from societal constraints, X-Gayted is your ticket to a thrilling and thought-provoking journey. We invite you to embrace your inner confidence and express your unique style – tonight is your chance to shine! Come and experience the liberation and empowerment that X-Gayted has to offer.” 

When: February 9 

Where: Hungry José Mexican Street Food , 1/47 Castlemaine Street, Milton QLD 4064 

Tickets: Available online 

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