Are you queer? Bent? Camp as Christmas? Or is our ever-evolving GLBTIQ acronym more to your liking?
Labels, labels, labels. Tedium much?

Recently I noticed someone suggest we embrace the word ‘homosexual’ if we want to ‘cry for rights’ based on this being the ‘legally defendable’ definition. Yet I wonder how polarised labels might help. Homosexuality was once illegal. By this logic, what terms should our predecessors have used? Big girl’s blouse? Friends of Dorothy?

Back in school, seems I wasn’t quite as butch as I’d figured. Like most, I copped pansy, fag, queer, and sissy boy. Some are opposed to the use of queer for this reason, while others opine it implies the opposite of normal. But what is normal? And don’t we immobilise an insult by making it our own?

Nowadays, I’m a proud pansy. Besides, ‘homosexual’ is so clinical. Where’s the fun in that?

Kids are coming out younger, and are more accepting of their queer peers. As Sydney Star Observer recently reported, La Trobe University is conducting another survey for queer youth. Such studies are vital, and assist with anti-discriminatory policies in schools.

Labels play a role in society. They simplify, categorise. But it’s shaky ground, especially as we continue to evolve culturally. Are all drag queens attention-seekers? Are all bears hairy and overweight? ’Course not. But we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously either.

And what of those born in the wrong body? It’s not about sexual orientation for trans people, it’s about gender identify. Big difference.

It sickens me to walk up Oxford St with gender diverse friends and have gay guys or gals gawk and whisper. If you think it was rough coming out on the queer scene, spare a thought for trans kids shunned by their own community. The next time you snigger at someone who doesn’t fit your idea of the world, check out the rainbow flag and remember what those colours are supposed to represent.

Personally, I prefer ‘lizard queen’ — an awesome, queer, superfreak cloned from a mystical sorceress named Ilmatar.
Funnily enough, I don’t mind Damien either.

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