A night at the cabaret

A night at the cabaret

THE inaugural cabaret season at Sydney’s Haye’s Theatre is currently in full swing, where local performers have been sharing the space with artists from around the country and overseas.

While the season is set to end this weekend, it’s not going out without a bang.

Below are three shows on offer as part of the final few days of the event.

That 90s Show

Sunday, July 13

From the Backstreet Boys to the Spice Girls, Bill and Ted to Romy and Michelle  the 1990s was a decade of big pants and tight dance moves.

It was also the decade that nurtured and formed performer Tom Sharah, who brings his tight pants and big dance moves to this totally bodacious night of cabaret.

Sharah, who was a finalist on the TV series I Will Survive, takes the audience on a ride through the decade that created him with guilty-pleasure songs (minus the guilt), and outrageous childhood stories in his own unmistakable style.

Tom Sharah
Tom Sharah


Wednesday, July 9-Saturday, July 12

For a short while the American tenor Mario Lanza was the greatest star of the 1950s. One of the first superstars, his records topped the charts, he was the darling of Hollywood, and everyone fell for his charm and that beautiful voice.

10 years later, Mario was all washed up, dying mysteriously at the age of 38.

What happened? What changed the smiling kid from Brooklyn into the diva that MGM sacked? Were the mafia involved in his death?

Directed by Chris Parker and staring Blake Bowden as Mario, this show re-creates an era of memorable music.


Dance with De Vil

Thursday, July 10-Saturday, July 12

Dance with De Vil is collaboration between Sydney based comedian Jared Jekyll and emerging cabaret artist Brendan Hay, best known as Australia’s Got Talent’s Valère, a character he created at the age of 17.

The story revolves around Hay’s new alter ego, Cruello, and the tale of the damaging effect of being the only descendant of infamous socialite and fashionista, Cruella de Vil, as well as the mystery surrounding his sudden and somewhat unexpected re-emergence into society. 

Brendon Hay


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