NZ Drag Queen Calls For RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under To Be Filmed In Australia

NZ Drag Queen Calls For RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under To Be Filmed In Australia
Image: Drag Race Down Under Season 3 Queens. Image: Stan

Season Three of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under panned widely on social media for its poor production value. It also saw a drop in ratings, receiving the lowest rating since season one.

A New Zealand Drag Queen has echoed this sentiment, calling for the show to be produced in Sydney. 

‘Doing Our Queens A Disservice On The World Stage’

In a recent Op-Ed in Your Ex, New Zealand’s longest-running LGBTQ+ publication, an anonymous Auckland-based Drag Performer said the show was “doing our queens a disservice on the world stage.”

“I watched many of the girls around me, rush to create their audition tapes and many of them face rejection after rejection,” she begins.

“The girls who did get [on the show] were shocked when they headed to a tiny studio in Grey Lynn that seemed to be held together with little more than gaffer tape.”

“I attended Sydney’s Diva Awards earlier this year and was blown away by the talent on stage. Talent that Drag Race Down Under has seemed incapable of showcasing properly.”

She went on to write, “Other than Drag Race UK, Down Under is the only international franchise that gets RuPaul and Michelle Visage as judges, bringing far more eyeballs to it and sadly doing our queens a disservice on the world stage. It is hard to believe that if an Australian production company took over for Season Four, things wouldn’t improve.”

‘Would Be Better For Kiwi Drag In The Long Run’

She concluded, “Even though it would remove Drag Race from our shores; a slick, more creative, and glamorous production of Down Under, that could attract bigger-name guest judges, would be better for Kiwi drag in the long run. 

“The golden opportunity the show provides our queens is the chance to tour internationally, but they are only going to be booked if the production showcases their talents to an international standard.”

Explaining the decision to write the Op-Ed anonymously, they cited having “a good day job” and not being able to “trust that I wouldn’t say something that would get me cancelled!”

The same reason that, when Drag Race Down Under came along, they did not audition.  

Casting Call For Season Four

On October 25, World of Wonder put out a casting call, asking Drag performers in Australia and New Zealand to apply for Season Four of the show.

“Casting is now open for Drag Race Down Under S 4. If you have the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent it takes to become Down Under’s Next Drag Superstar, we want to hear from you!,” WOW posted to social media. 

In order to apply, Drag performers have been asked to send in ten photos including “full drag photos (close-up/beauty shot & full length), a photo of yourself performing in drag, a recent photo of you in drag.” 

WOW has not revealed any further details of the show and whether the production will once again return to New Zealand.

The last date for submitting applications for Season Four is November 24, 2023. To apply, check the World Of Wonder website, here.

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  1. Interesting in the WOW Post, the name Rupaul has been removed from the Franchise’s Title. Could this mean that RuPaul is no longer the main judge & host for next years season? Who knows!