Troye Sivan On Coming Out, Marriage And An Awkward Encounter With Harry Styles

Troye Sivan On Coming Out, Marriage And An Awkward Encounter With Harry Styles
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Australian singer and actor Troye Sivan has opened up about marriage, having kids, and coming out at 14 years old in a new interview. 

In an interview with Sydney Morning Herald, Sivan, 28,  shared his thoughts on marriage and kids, explaining that he wants to have children one day. Marriage, however, is a different story. 

“I would love children one day,” he said.  I am less attracted to the idea of marriage, but I definitely want to end up in a long-term relationship.”

‘Jacob Bixenman Was A Significant Moment In My Life’

According to Sivan, the longest relationship he has been in was 4½ years, with ex Jacob Bixenman.

“Jacob Bixenman was a significant moment in my life. We ended in 2019,” he said. “We are still friends and share custody of our dog, Nash.”


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Sivan: A Sense Of Humour Is Most Important Thing

For Sivan, the most important thing in a relationship is “a sense of humour.”

“Sure, attraction is nice, but I get over that very quickly,” he revealed. 

“There are a lot of beautiful people in the world, but finding someone who is a best friend and someone I can really laugh with – that is the single most important thing.”

Coming Out At 14

Talking about coming out, Sivan said, “I came out to my parents when I was 14. It was met with complete support and love.

“The biggest challenge for me growing up was that we were so close and shared everything, but this was the only thing I kept to myself. Mum reassured me and I felt a lot of relief.”

Awkward Encounter With Harry Styles

Sivan’s third album Something To Give Each Other, comes out today, October 13.

In the promotion tour for the album, Sivan shared the story of an awkward encounter with Harry Styles, during an interview with KissFM UK.

Sivan said, “[Styles] arrives and I’m speaking to him, like, ‘Oh my God, congrats on the Grammy.’ Then he’s like, ‘I’m just going to go to the bathroom.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re going to the bathroom? I’m also going to the bathroom. Let’s go!’

“We were walking to the bathroom, I kind of just realized, ‘I literally just met this man and I’ve already suggested that we go to the loo together,” he continued.

“I thought about it for the rest of the night. Why did I just ask Harry Styles if we should go to the bathroom together?”

In a post to social media in July, Sivan revealed that the album is “My something to give you – a kiss on a dancefloor, a date turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer. Party after party, after-party after after-party. Heartbreak, freedom. Community, sisterhood, friendship. All that.”

Sivan has described it as a “hopeful, joyous, sexy album.”


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Released ‘Rush’ In July

In July, Sivan released the Queer hit “Rush”, the lead single off Something To Give Each Other.

Speaking to GQ about the inspiration behind the song, Sivan, said,  “It’s definitely the most dancey, the most unapologetic club [song], [inspired by] all of the experiences that I’ve had over the last two and a half years,” clubbing on Smith Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Sivan’s last album, Bloom, was released five years ago in 2018.  In 2015, he released his debut album, Blue Neighbourhood.

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