A jewel in the marriage equality crown

A jewel in the marriage equality crown

It was a conversation with ACON’s Michael Badorrek that helped high-end jeweller Nadia Neuman team with Australian Marriage Equality to design a ring dedicated to same love.

Neuman opened up to the Star Observer about her collaboration with AME.

I am in a very happy same-sex relationship and feel very strongly about the lack of equality, I sell beautiful rings to customers every day who are getting married – which of course I love – but myself, my partner and many others are denied this right… it is not only baffling, but infuriating to me,” she said.

“So given I am a jeweller and had recently launched an online boutique specialising in wedding rings and commitment bands, it made sense for me to do something with my craft.

“Michael (Badorrek) and I came to the conclusion, that those who support marriage equality in Australia would be very proud to wear that support. We therefore decided to create a ring that would not only symbolise marriage equality and the importance of community but also raise money for the cause.”

The Australian Marriage Equality ring launches in April of this year and Neuman has not only put her heart into the concept, but also her finances with her: “(The marriage equality ring)  is handcrafted and available in silver or white, rose and yellow gold. 100 per cent of the profits made on the sale of the ring will be donated to Australian Marriage Equality.

“My intention for the Australian Marriage Equality ring is to create an Heirloom piece, something tangible that reminds future generations of where we have come from and the fight we have fought, its more than just a familiar heirloom this is about a community, sure we have come along way, but there is obviously still a long way to go.”

But there is a touch of hurt as well, in that her family is not recognised as others, and this is reinforced by her daily craft of designing rings for couples of all sexualities and genders.

“I design engagement and wedding rings and my partner Lucy is a wedding celebrant. We have a daughter together and we plan to share the rest of our lives together. I find it to be such a paradox that we are not able to legally marry in this country in the company of friends and family,” Neuman said.

In talking about her business, Nueman spoke of the pride she had that she was part of a family business started by her parents 50 years ago and highlighted what they have achieved in that time.

“Mondial is also recognised for having one of Australia’s largest and most impressive collection of Pink Diamonds and by invitation recently exhibited a selection of pink diamond jewellery at Kensington Palace,” she said.

“As a business we have won several very high profile awards including the International Rio Tinto Design Award and continue to push ourselves when it comes to service, design and innovation. “

 The marriage equality ring will be available to purchase on www.eternalbymondial.com.au and anyone interested can register their name and details on the site for more information.

 This Star Observer Spotlight was made possible by Seiko



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