Bears deliver safe sex message

Bears deliver safe sex message

This Bear Essentials & Mardi Gras season, the Harbour City Bears want you to ‘Go Bear, Not Bare’.

The Bears’ message is simple: roll on a condom and use water-based lube to protect yourself and your friends from sexually transmitted infections.

Also important is regular testing for STIs with the frequency of tests dependent on how often you have sex, the more you do it the more frequent the tests each year.

To spread this message, the Harbour City Bears have teamed up with ACON to launch the Go Bear Not Bare campaign. The campaign will feature posters and sex-pack wallet cards with referral information and eye-catching bear candy Mr HCB George with his hot mate Allan – look out for them.

Go Bear Not Bare will be officially launched at the Lord Roberts Hotel from 5pm on Sunday 22 January 22 – all are welcome.

The Harbour City Bears thank their community care partners: ACON, The Star Observer,The City of Sydney and South Eastern Sydney Local Health District for their support in producing this initiative.

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