Big Thick Energy

Big Thick Energy
Image: Big Thick Energy Instagram

Big Thick Energy is a Queer collective that curates festivals and workshops to promote body positivity and “liberation through movement, creativity and community.”

Their variety festival features skill-sharing workshops, local artisan markets and three evenings of high-energy entertainment showcasing “thick, curvy performance artists breaking stereotypes and celebrating self-love.”

‘All Are Welcome’ 

Founded by Demon Derriere, Big Thick Energy is a safe, inclusive space for BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of colour) and LGBTQIA+ bodies. All are welcome. 

Derriere stressed, “Accessibility and inclusivity matter. As many Queer spaces still lack true accessibility for all bodies BTE allows this celebratory space for all. Hopefully this will be a learning experiences for fellow queer who have yet to connect with other misrepresented communities.”

Big Thick Energy’s mission is to cancel fatphobia, diet culture, discrimination, racism, transphobia, and ableism.

Why should you join?

According to Derriere, people should join “to feel a sense of community, break unrealistic beauty standards, celebrate our bodies and to stick up the middle finger to patriarchy all in a safe space where we can dance, party, educate, connect and reclaim.”

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