DIVA To Award COVID-19 Heroes Special Awards

DIVA To Award COVID-19 Heroes Special Awards
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The 2023 Diva Awards have called on the public to acknowledge the Sydney drag industry who contributed so much to our entertainment whilst in COVID-19 lockdown or during the four-square metre era in the venues.

Until Rona showed up, 2020 was going very well for the local industry, as creative and entertaining as any in recent years.

Then the spotlights faded to dark.

Drag industry performers are mainly sole businesses, so the majority were sitting on Job Seeker Allowance.

Helping each other by sharing know-how on how to manoeuvre the bureaucracy of finding financial assistance. To lending creative and technical support as the queens created home studios and put themselves out there into the world of virtual entertainment.

You could find many of your favourite showgirls performing online through the Facebook Live and Instagram Live platforms. Adapting and innovating to stay connected with their audiences in new and entertaining ways. For many of us struck at home we looked forward to the enjoyment our queens gave us.

Therefore, this year’s ceremony will acknowledge all the wonderful joy they bought us by awarding two, one off, very special Diva’s – Covid Lockdown Online Variety Show and Covid Post Lockdown Show or Event.

Lex van Netten one of the Diva producers and judging coordinator said “Competition for these award categories is tough, but this just goes to show how many in the drag industry kept us entertained during the pandemic. Good luck to all the nominees!”

These will be the most emotional awards of the evening, as an industry remembers those unique days – pivoting to working from home. The list of nominees is long and quite frankly they all deserve a gong, but you their audiences ultimately decide who gets the trophy.

Go here to vote before 5 pm this Friday 18 August 2023

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3 responses to “DIVA To Award COVID-19 Heroes Special Awards”

  1. Penny Tration was one of the first drag entertainers to come into our lounge rooms. He shared his spotlight with Bingo Beauties, disc jockeys & stars from around the globe. He kept us laughing , singing & crying & he made us feel we would survive. Thank you Penny. I am a very proud Mum. It took so much from you but you gave it your all ❤️

  2. Penny Tration is incredible. Corona Virus saw him not only entertain us all himself ,he shared & included his wonderful Bingo Bevies to make us hang in there & stay sane. Penny & Dan Murphy drew on celebs across the globe to give us raw love & humour. It was not easy, he gave his head & heart to keep us smiling & wanting more.. I know because I am Pennys Mum ,& I saw him put his heart & soul on the line for us all. ❤️