Dykes on Bikes
Dykes on Bikes are iconic to the Mardi Gras Parade. This year they’ll be setting the pace on bikes ranging from classic postal, Ducatis, BMWs and Harleys.

Boys on Bikes
You’ve seen the Dykes, now here come the Boys on Bikes, a social support group for LGBTQI motorcycle riders. Vroom vroom….

First Australians
This year the First Australians will lead the Mardi Gras parade as an acknowledgement of their special place in Australia’s history and future.
Community elders will be riding in the flash red Cadillac leading about 100 community members.
This year’s theme is True Love…Tru!and acknowledges that love is the one thing that brings us together.
The First Australians are walking to say that there are Aboriginal gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in all our communities that it’s okay to be yourself.

DOWNLOAD: 2012 Mardi Gras Parade Map

A1 – Triumph of Love
A sea of hearts transforms into a rainbow of butterflies, that floats down the Parade route and shows the infinite love at the core of our LGBTQI community. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrates unity in diversity, sings a hymn to ‘difference’, and proclaims “Infinite Love”: the infinite kinds of love, the infinite power of love, and of course the infinite love we share with one another. A love that transcends gender, identity, race and religion. A love that can inspire – and transform – a conflicted world…

A2 – Big Birds
This group of feathery friends are demonstrating who they are through a bird of choice. With wing spans over 4m long, electric colours and sequins you’ll be looking into an Avery of absolute awe.

A3 – Love Circus “Feel the Love”
Design Centre Enmore. Exciting performers “Feel the Love” in this Love Circus extravaganza. The Design Centre Enmore is out to impress with their creative and vibrant costumes and beaming high energy.

A4 – All Love is Equal
The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. Sexy sailors with fierce moves to match will work the parade fast and furious as this boat and surrounding love hearts make their way up the route.

A5 – We Found Love
Asian Marching Boys and Friends
These marchers will look cute as a button in matching red-and-white outfits and Asian-style bows. Asking for happiness and acceptance within their community and the broader sense.

A6 – Glamazon All Stars Love, Unity, Valour, Equality
Wonder Woman, her noble Pegasus and loyal followers will spread the spirit of Glamazonian Love! An electric display of hula-hoopers spinning LED hoops, disco balls and metallic stars will leave all who watch in awe.

A7 – Cartoon Heroes
Cartoon Heroes have gone all out ensuring they’d be the winners of any fancy dress event! Xena and Spider-Man will join the party as well as imaginative new heroes sure to rival the classics.

B1- Love Truck Fitness Fairies
Travel back in time with this 1940s vintage fire truck decorated with messages of infinite love. Catering for all types of people, this fitness centre offers you a gym, swimming pool and acceptance of individuality.

B2 – Alphabet Souperstars
Hungry anyone? Scrumptious soup cans will warm you right up and have you eager for more! Entrants will express themselves through flavours such as L for Lesbian or F for Fairy!

B3 – Mars Bar Mardi Gras Collective
From Adelaide with Love Hugs and Kisses
With a huge spinning, reflective heart as its centrepiece, this gay club all the way from RadAdelaide is here to share the love through rainbow-coloured lyrca hot pants, hot suits and midriffs.

B4 – Love Will Keep Us Together
Angol-Pixie Productions Marching Love Angels will steal your hearts while sexy dancers and fierce choreography make this a ‘don’t miss’ float.

B5 – 30 Years Young! Your Story is Our Story Twenty10
Revisit the last few decades with music that will remind of you of younger years! Twenty10 is now 30 years old and still supporting homeless and disadvantaged people of diverse genders. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts with individual messages and designs on their clothing.

B6 – Chrysalis – Emerging Into A New You
Newtown Community Group Release your inner butterfly and transform into whoever you want to be! Newtown Community Group is out to prove this is possible and you’ll watch in amazement as these crawling caterpillars undergo the ultimate metamorphosis.

B7 – Cheering for Equality
ANZ Bring It On! These bubbly cheerleaders are cheering for equality with the perfect aid of pom-poms and sparkles. Following a 3.5m high sculpture Lady Liberty, it’s clear these marchers mean business.

B8 – Chief of Parade
Shelley Argent OAM High-profile LGBTQI campaigner, marriage equality crusader and much-loved Queensland mum, Shelley Argent OAM, will be Chief of Parade for the 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras.
Shelley is the national spokesperson for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) and a prominent campaigner for marriage equality and to stop bullying in schools. She has appeared on Australian Story and been awarded an Order of Australia and QLD Senior Australian of the Year for her work.

B9 – Keeping Families Together
PFLAG This enormous display of love and support comes in the form of over 200 parents and friends of gays and lesbians. Having marched in the parade for decades, PFLAG has inspired countless parents to accept their children’s sexuality and has collected a legion of fans along the way.

B10 – Love Makes a Family
Rainbow Babies and Kids This vast group of over 250 people will inspire and move you with their mission of freedom. Carrying huge love heart shaped placards displaying personal and political messages they are certain to encourage change.
B11 – Destination Equality
Australian Marriage Equality Over 100 participants will stand up for marriage equality as both a Bucks’ and a Hens’ party bus lead the charge under the theme “destination equality”.

C1 – Snatch and Grab
Girlthing Float This float will represent the right for two people of any sexual preference to be married with a beautiful replication of that special day. Flowers, decorations, wedding cake and all! See if you can catch the bouquet on the night.

C2 – Happily Married
Same-sex couples have long relationships too and there should be no reason for this blissful duo’s ‘marriage’ to not be legally recognised — particularly after 22 years together.

C3 – The Peel
The burlesque drag queens, kings and circus performers of The Peel show their support for Marriage Equality. Expect a banana-covered ute and a lot of feathers!

C4 – Equal Love, Equal Rights
Tropical Fruits You’re invited to a fabulous wedding party with our GLBTQI friends from Lismore and regional NSW. There will be plenty of pink, silver and glitter, so come and share the North Coast love.

C5 – Pot of Love
Mardi Gras Fair Day A giant pot of love created by community members at Fair Day will be pushed down the Parade. Fair Day is the first event of the Sydney Mardi Gras festival and some of Fair Day’s wonderful volunteers will participate in this float.

C6 – Love Mandap
Trikone Australasia Let this radiant replica of a wedding mandap delight your senses. Featuring a gay and a lesbian couple dressed in traditional south Asian attire saying their ‘I Dos’. Accompanied by over 90 participants simulating a wedding procession, this innovative entrant promotes same-sex marriage with the energetic aid of Bollywood music.

D1 – Marriage – A Bicycle Built for Two
Clover Moore MP Clover Moore is Member for Sydney and Lord Mayor of Sydney, and has
been supporting Mardi Gras since 1986. She has long campaigned to get equal legal rights and resources and against violence and discrimination against the GLBT community. Clover Moore’s parade entry uses tandem bicycles to say that marriage should be for two people committed to each other.

D2 – We HEART Syd – Equal Marriage rights for allCity of Sydney
“The Love Float” is sailing towards a better Australia where the rights of individuals are truly upheld. This float by the City of Sydney is destined to receive a thunderous cheer from the crowd.

D3 – Marriage Matters
GetUp! Action for Australia GetUp! is advocating for change and invites you to participate in its interactive digital display. Parade watchers will be able to take action immediately and support marriage equality. How modern!

D4 – The Sequined Army
The Militant Gays Rally the Troops for your marriage rights and marriage equality. We want you! Especially in sequins.

D5 – It’s Time for Marriage Equality
Rainbow Labor Without a bride or groom in sight, this float uses a troupe of revellers sporting matching colours to get their marriage equality message across.

D6 – Teresa Kompara
Teresa will once again showcase a stunning gown as she sashays down the parade route. Showing off her fabulous dance skills, Teresa will have all eyes popping!

D7 – Sexuality and Sex / Gender Diversity Doesn’t end with Disability
People with a Disability Australia Blue and white tinsel flows over a classic convertible leading a group of people marching and in electric wheelchairs. Complete with glittery cowboy hats, they stand for the notion that “Sexuality and gender diversity don’t end with disability”.

D8 – Share the Love
Google Cutting edge as usual, Google made the call-out for people to send videos expressing themselves to Flo Rida/Sia’s “Wild Ones”. The final cut will be unveiled on a huge screen and you have front row seats!

D9 – GLBTQI Liberals
Liberal Party of NSW Bruce Notley-Smith, Member for Coogee, supports Sydney Mardi Gras by leading the GLBTQI Liberals in the Parade.

E1 – Wayside Loves to be
The Wayside Chapel What do you Love to be? Wayside Chapel loves to support everyone and shows their support for the LGBTQI community through this simply heavenly float creation.

E2 Party Til You Can’t Tell King from Queen
Dayenu This beautiful float follows a Purim theme — a Jewish festival where people traditionally dress up, cross-dress and party the night away.

E3 – Celebrating 40 Years for GLBT Catholics
Acceptance Sydney Marking their 40th anniversary, Acceptance Sydney will enter the parade as Sydney’s longest-running LGBTQI Catholic organisation. Spreading the message that “we are living our lives and living our faith”.

E4 – Queer Muslims Need Acceptance
Muslims Against Homophobia Lively Middle Eastern pop and belly-dancing music forms the soundtrack to this inspiring entry that promotes a strong message of “Queer Muslims need acceptance”. Hug a Queer Muslim today!

F1 – God Makes No Mistakes
Metropolitan Community Church – Sydney
An amazing tree constructed from a mixture of wire and plastic will be sprinkled with sparkling lights and forbidden fruit. Plenty of Adams and Eves will be dancing about sending the message that “God makes no mistakes.”

F2 – Wear it Purple
Wear it Purple This energised float will be pumping with beats as this dynamic group made up of high school and university students raises awareness of youth suicide in the LGBQTI community.

F3 – All You Need Is Love
Freedom2b More than 120 people have come together from various church backgrounds to encourage a notion of freedom. “All you need is love” is the central theme to this united front.

F4 – It Gets Better With Music
Bluehouse Playing live in a recreation of an iconic Bluehouse gig, these Mardi Gras lovers will inspire you to sing along and wish you were part of the team.

F5 – Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers
Australian Federal Police Who doesn’t love a man or woman in uniform? The Australian Federal Police is one of only two government agencies who are founding members of the Pride and Diversity program. There will be police vehicles and motorbikes plus AFP to get your authority fantasies flowing.

F6 – Fire and Rescue NSW
The temperature will soar as Fire and Rescue NSW work their way through the Parade. They are here to promote diversity in the workplace and turn plenty of heads along the way!

F7 – Ambulance Service of NSW
The NSW Ambulance Service acknowledges and supports the rights, culture and achievements of the LGBQTI community. Marching in full uniform with placards displaying messages of acceptance and equality, it’s impossible to miss these Mardi Gras heroes.

NSW State Emergency Service This fully fledged NSW SES emergency service vehicle is headed in your direction. Along with their bright orange uniforms, these entrants will be exceptionally eye-catching.

F9 – NSW Rural Fire Service
The NSW Rural Fire Service is the lead combat agency for bushfires in NSW. With more than 70,000 volunteers, it is one of the biggest fire services in the country and includes people of all sexual identities and walks of life.

F10 – 20 Years On – Not Done Yet
DEFGLIS The Australian Defence Forces will wow the crowd by carrying 20 flags to represent the 20 years since the ban on same-sex attracted personnel serving in the ADF was lifted.

F11 – Report All Violence to The Police
NSW Police Force Everybody loves a marching band, especially when they are all in police uniform! The NSW Police Force will be strutting their stuff in support of diversity and anti-discrimination in the workforce.

G1 – March To Our Beat in 2012
CSN – Community Support Network Japanese drumming is some of the best in the world and these Taiko drummers will not disappoint. Following a Japanese theme, this float will feature a gigantic paper crane as its centrepiece that will be illuminated with spectacular lighting.

G2 – With Love From ACON
ACON This light, bright and colourful group from ACON is supporting the wellbeing and health of the GLBTQI community and saying ‘We all deserve great sex’.

G3 – A-Men Float
ACON Asian Gay Men’s Project Launching their community publication titled “A-Men”, these Asian stunners are suited up in fabulous national-inspired costumes. Their new venture is a photo essay book capturing the crossroads of art, cultural identity and sexuality.

G4 – Magcilla, Queens of the Sofa
Mature Aged Gays Mature Aged Gays meets twice a month to accommodate the older gay men in the community. They figure, what better way to celebrate than with sparkles, glitter and a giant Priscilla-style fluffy slipper travelling on a bus dressed entirely in silver sequins.

G5 – I Am… Capital Queers
An all-inclusive group from Canberra, giving the nation’s capital a chance be part of the Mardi Gras family. Sending the fundamental message that there’s no need to hide who you are and marchers themselves will display “I am…” statements to uphold this notion.

G6 – Absolutely Everybody
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir Singing out for infinite love, the choir will be carrying messages of support for ‘absolutely everybody’ to love who they choose.

G7 – Rainbows of the Future
Queer Students Network A network of across campus queer students who are promoting social change, progressive values and diversity. With participants in an array of vibrant colours, their enthusiasm will surely cover the parade route with pride.

G8 – NSW WRM – Loving Diversity
NSW Women’s Refuge Movement Aiming to encourage self-love, healing and reflection this organisation offer support to women and children escaping violence as well as providing crisis accommodation and other essential services.

G9 – Queensland GLBTQ Community Group
It wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without pink feather boas! Marchers will be dressed to impress, sending messages on giant hearts such as love, friendship and community.

G10 – I Love
Camp-berra The nation’s capital has joined the parade to represent the LBGTQI community in their hometown. Camp-berra has been marching for the last 25 years and will carry rainbows flags and dress vibrantly in celebration.

G11 – Come Out and Join The reEVOLution
Free Gay and Happy (fgnhappy) This drag queen general is leading her troops into battle for the Love Revolution. A prominent red-and-black tank will follow its leader and marchers will shoot vigorously with LED guns. Fear not — their bullets are bubbles!

G12 – Divas de Los Muertos
Nonads Clitical Mass These entrants on pushbikes will amaze you with elaborate and incredible face paint inspired by a real Dia De Lo Muertos style. Massive papier-mache Sugar Skulls will fill the Parade with a striking Day of the Dead vibe.

G13 – Dykes on PushBikes
Pushbikes will be pimped out with spokey dokies, laser lights, horns, bells, flags and all things fluoro and rad. This troupe will pay homage to Dykes on Bikes in crazy fluoro lyrca riding gear!

G14 – LOTL Boy Award 2012
LOTL Magazine LOTL has been slaving away over the past few weeks to bring us the winner of their “Bachelorette of the year” competition. What better time to showcase the winner and runner-up than at Mardi Gras through the LOTL float?

H1 – It’s safe to be OUT at Railcorp
RailCorp This Countrylink train is leaving the station, fully equipped with signal lights and fanciful fairy lights that will make it impossible to miss.

H2 – Cosgay
Cosgay are embracing who are they are, letting us take a good peek. Catch a kiss from Sailor Moon or a wink from The Hulk in the fantastic line-up of classic characters.

H3 – The Rainbow Bus
State Transit This rainbow bus is on course to recognise and value the LGBTQI community as being part of the State Transit workforce. There will be balloons, audience interaction and, of course, a complete party bus atmosphere.

H4 – Miss Wagga Wagga
Miss Wagga Wagga will be represented by not one but five fabulous queens delighting the crowd and stealing the show.

H5 – The Love Float
Oz Fag Hags Come join the Love Boat with the much-loved Fag Hags making their mark on supporting diversity.

H6 – Queer Polyamory
PolyamoryAustralia 3,2,1 blast off! This huge retro-style rocketship is ready to break through the atmosphere and it’s taking you along for the ride. Become intrigued by a Barbarella-style sci-fi theme that will have you reaching for the stars.

H7 – Let’s Inspire your Inner Desire
Shell Harbour Shag Harders it wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without a clever dick. This 1.5m ice-sculptured wang will be brightly shining on the crowd.

H8 – LGBTQI Respect
Australian Human Rights Commission
Aretha Franklin sums it up perfectly with “Respect” and these commissioners are following suit. Huge letters will spell out the message and the soulful tunes will have everyone singing along!

H9 – Discrimination Against Gay, Lesbian & Transgender People is Unlawful
Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW Discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfairly because they belong to a particular group of people or have a particular characteristic. The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW is saying NO to any discrimination against our GLBTQI community.

H10 – Dirty Talk
11eleven Productions & Lick This entertainment management company love showing off their talents during Mardi Gras. This customised stage complete with DJs, turntables, vocalists and performers will get you in the mood for the spirited night ahead.

J1 – Love Has No Boundaries
Out Clothing Out Clothing tailors men’s clothing for a female body and women’s clothing for a male body, plus unisex clothing to suit all gender types. Give them a round of applause for making Sydney look fabulous!

J2 – Real People Making a Real Difference
The Western Suburbs Haven Inc. You’ll feel like you’re at the most fun house party in town in this cool lounge room disco. The Western Suburbs Haven provides respite care and social support for people living with HIV.

J3 – Fly Free From Religion
Sydney Queer Atheists
A beautiful birdcage and colourful birds represent flying free from religion.

J4 – Marriage Rights Now
Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH) A mini version of Community Action Against Homophobia’s protest rallies will be emulated in the Parade to demonstrate the need for the rights of the LGBTQI community to be recognised and upheld.

J5 – Mad about Diversi-tea
Optus Anyone for tea? Join Alice and her Wonderland friends in this magnificent futuristic homage to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

J6 – Balls of Fun
Pollys Club The Pollys Club is Australia’s largest and longest-running gay and lesbian social group. Their regular social nights and dances have provided the community with untameable entertainment and their float in this year’s parade is no exception

J7 – Circle of Love
Sweeties of the Sea from Little Conwong
For over 23 years, this group has been participating in the parade with style and flair. With marchers from all across the world, this float is truly bringing people together.

J8 – Proud to be a …
Sydney Leather Pride Association Proud to be a sadist? Proud to be a pervert? Proud to be a master… Whatever you are proud to be, wear leather with pride.

J9 – Driving full LGBTI Equality
The Greens NSW A political party committed to FULL LGBTQI equality and proud to be in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.

J10 – Boys will be Boys
Gay Sydney (GSN) Nudists Inc. ‘Boys will be Boys’ is the theme beyond this black-and-silver sequins-adorned float. Who better to accompany it then Lady Gaga herself? Well almost…

J11 – Love knows no a-gender
Allsorts Queer Collective The Collective acts as a support structure for students on campus who are facing issues such as coming out or dealing with queerphobia. Participants will be dressed in costumes that represent their gender identity, encouraging acceptance and freedom to be yourself.

J12 – Equals or Freaks. How do you see us?
Illawarra Rising Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well, stay put because the circus is coming to you! This carnival-inspired celebration of individuality will work the crowd into a festive frenzy.

J13 – Ruby Dance
Trance lovers, get ready for a Ruby Dance celebration of parties and awesome music. Get your groove on to the sight of these amazing entrants dressed in themes including Ruby in Space, Ruby at the Beach and Moulin Ruby!

J14 – King For A Day
Drag Kings are the new black and judging by the six finalists on parade from the King For The Day competition they’re a smoking hot breed to boot. The grand finale will take place at the Mardi Gras Party so get your tickets now to see who the fairest drag king of them all is.

J15 – Fiercely Old Party Children
These Fiercely Old Party Children have not missed a single Mardi Gras Party since 1983 and they’re not about to! These true veterans will be donning Prince and Lady Miss Kier-inspired costumes to get the party started right!

J16 – Middle Ground Australia
This newly established organisation is here to make its mark as an important supporter of the bisexual community. Conveying its united message through coordinated outfits and energising colour, it’s bound to make a splash.

J17 – Headspace
Headspace is a youth mental health foundation here to support the LGBTQI community. This highly valued group will be handing out badges, wristbands and other cool freebies to promote its services and raise awareness.

J18 – Light of Our Lives – Deaf Gay & Lesbian Association
Learn how the deaf community ‘hear’ with their other senses in this fascinating display. The Deaf Gay & Lesbian Association enables community and social acceptance to enhance friendship, relationships and recognition.

J19 – Don’t Hex it- SAFE SEX IT! – Family Planning NSW
These elegant angels are spreading their love — not without protection of course! Family Planning NSW sends the message of “Don’t Hex it-Safe Sex it!”

J20 – Promoting No Hate on the Central Coast, Mate Don’t Hate
Spread the word and make sure that we let people know that the Central Coast doesn’t support hate, bullying or homophobia!

K1 – Kandy Circus – Hot Kandy
This sticky and sweet float features enough candy to give Willy Wonk himself a toothache. Showing their support for the GLBTQI community, this tasty float will not only make your mouth water but will entertain you with circus performers, jugglers, clowns and more.

K2 – On the Road to Mexico, Sydney Rangers FC
Millie Poppins leads this fiesta of footballing fun to Mexico. Expect folklore ballet dancers, confetti and colour along with Mexican wrestlers. Arriba!

K3 – Thais Together
This fabulous group has been entering Parade for 15 years now and always stun with their intricate and spectacular costumes. They are glamorous and proud!

K4 – Pussy Love Pussy – Bettie Page Clinic
Rock out with the Bettie Page Clinic as they jam especially for you and their pussy cat groupies. Encouraging women to be empowered and embrace being female while keeping strong and healthy.

K5 – Love the FUR – Australian Furriers
Whiskers will twitch and tails will wag as this group of furriers frolic along the parade route representing their unique group — Australian Furriers.

K6 – Love is … Freedom and Compassion For All – Queer Animal Liberation
Speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves, Queer Animal Liberation encourages people to adopt their newfound friends from the pound. Dressed in sexy dog and cat suits, this float will send tails wagging and hearts fluttering.

K7 – Fruits of Sicily – Elian Gays
The Fruits of Sicily are almost too delicious for words, so this wonderful group have put it all into visuals instead.This beautiful replica of a Sicilian terrace fit will make you want to take a nice long holiday.

K8 – Freedom Angels
Gorgeously dressed Thai drag queens express their right to freedom through stunning attire and impeccable makeup. Engaging the crowd every step of the way, Thai queens are here to stay!

K9 – Westies are Besties – Parramatta Lesbian Social Group
The Wild West never looked kinkier! Think cowgirls, sheriffs, cowboys and saloon girls all pulling the wagon under the command of a sexy dominatrix.

K10 – Don’t Fence Me In – Sydney Femme Guild Inc.
A white picket fence may sound appealing but don’t let it fence you in! The Sydney Femme Guild is out to demonstrate diversity, difference and solidarity of femme identity.

K11 – Hollywood Queens – Bruce Turns 50 – Bruce & Friends
Hollywood has arrived in Sydney! Find your favourite character in the this mix of classic and infamous personas, ranging from the eloquent yet feisty King of Hearts to the iconic Dorothy (and her little dog too).

L1 – Krave’s Ocean of Love – Club Krave Association Inc.
A beautiful ‘Love Goddess’ inspired sea temple awaits your inspection. A glitzy sea theme and stunning costumes will have you signing up for the next Club Krave social dance.

L2 – Beached As… – Rainbow Visions Hunter Inc.
It’s time for a sunny holiday on the amazing beaches that spread across Newcastle’s famous coastline. Be ever more tempted when you see the landscape, particularly Nobby’s Head, brought to life as a mural-style display.

L3 – Love is Everything We Need – Equal Love Army
Take home a keepsake with these gorgeous little origami envelopes filled with Equal Love letters bringing back memories of teen-puppy-love nostalgia. Quotes about positive and meaningful ideas of love will make you go all warm and fuzzy inside.

L4 – Mask – The Beauty Within – FLAGCOM and Friends
Filipino Lesbians and Gays Community are out with friends to join the celebration of the beauty within and to fly their flag high and proud. Plus don’t miss the ultra-sexy winner of the FLAGCOM pageant kicking back in a sexy convertible.

L5 – Kimono mania – Last Resort Australia
Marchers in traditional Japanese kimonos will turn heads in stunning fabrics with intricate patterns. Celebrating the new ‘openness’ of the LGBQTI community in Japan and bridging of the Japanese and Australian LGBQTI communities.

L6 – Rio Ho’s – Glen and Friends
Ravishing Rio has made it all the way to Sydney. This float rocks true Carmen Miranda-style costume with large headdresses, feathers, feathers and more feathers!

L7 – Carmen’s Sea of Love
Carmen Rupe was a dearly loved transgender icon who trail blazed the way for so many others to follow. In commemoration of Carmen’s life, this float will travel the parade in style, energy and grandeur.

L8 – The Last Night on Earth – The Hoopaholics
If the Mayan calendar is correct, this is our final year on earth so we may as well make it count! With hula hoopers, galaxy-inspired costumes and LED lights, why not get caught up and “party like it’s the last night on earth!”

L9 – K25
Follow Kylie Minogue’s 25-year career in music through this stunning homage. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and a flock of dazzling dancers pay tribute to Kylie in this gesture of love to a performer who has given us 25 years of amazing artistry.

L10 – Alphabet Soup – Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
BGF has been assisting people living with HIV with financial practical and emotional support for over 30 years. This inspiring organisation is a mainstay in the Parade year after year and this year show friends helping friends.

L11 – Act for Equal Love – Amnesty International LGBTQI Network
Over 100 participants marching for love equality. Take action for love equality and score free heart-shaped balloons in the process.

L12 – Talking Helps! – Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of NSW
Talking Helps and this organisation is here to show that they really do care for everyone. Banners and signs will display the valuable services available for those who are in need.

L13 – Jamming for Queer Liberation – Riff Raff Radical Marching Band
This eclectic band will be playing everything from saxophones, flutes, baritones and tubas to bring a powerful sound and unique energy to the parade.

L14 – Save Decriminalisation For Sex Workers, Health & Safety NSW
Scarlet Alliance, SWOP NSW, Gender Agenda, Respect QLD, Debbie Doesn’t Do It For Free
Shackled sex workers in orange jumpsuits along with others dressed in red will push for the decriminalisation of sex workers in NSW. Some will be branded with scarlet letters such as W for whore and A for Adulterer. Let’s show these valuable members of our community our support!

L15 – Living Clean and Sober – Rainbow Recovery Club
Rainbow Recovery promotes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to live clean and sober. Proving that you can still have fun without substances, this inspiring group will be shaking their good thing all night long.

L16 – All You Need Is Love, Condoms … and KRC – Kirketon Road Centre
Be enlivened with the uniformed twirling and whirling of umbrellas dancing to the beat of drums. Pretty in pink, this group will be a feast for the eyes. Even the bus joins the fun with a huge pink top hat!

L17 – Proudly Supporting People Living with HIV since 1991 – Stanford House
Marching in proud support of the HIV community is Stanford House. This 21st birthday will be celebrated by a huge golden key and plenty of messages of love.

L18 – Music is Love – Sydney Homotones
Casting a rainbow of love over the crowd, the Sydney Homotones show their love through music. They are a community band.

L19 – Bear Essentials – It’s a WHoLE New Ball Game – Harbour City Bears
They are hefty, hairy and hot and they’re letting the fur fly for Mardi Gras. This community group embraces the larger fellas in town, have an acute appreciation for body hair and have pulled together over 130 people together to push a 2m-high rugby ball up the parade route.

M1 – The Other Team
For LGBTQI people who want to join sporting groups, The Other Team is here to assist. A number of sporty types will be promoting mateship, camaraderie and equality.

M2 – Love all – Margaret Court Cops a Serve & Loses in Straight Sets – Ethel Yarwood Enterprises
These enthusiasts will be sure to leave an impression with their parody of Margaret Court’s public views on homosexuality and marriage. Tennis players with messages such as ‘Love All’ and ‘Thank You Ball Boys’ will be served up by a giant Margaret, brandishing a tennis racquet and oversized Bible.

M3 – Lifesavers With Pride
No need to fear, surf lifesavers are here! The iconic lifesavers bring sunshine into everyone’s lives. You’ll see them playing ball games and having fun in the sun.

M4 – Sydney Wrestlers With Pride – Harbour City Wrestling Club
We all love tight, shiny muscles and there’s no doubt you’ll find plenty of them on this float. Harbour City Wrestling Club is out in lyrca singlets and ready to demonstrate powerful moves.

M5 – Sydney Convicts Rugby – Sydney Convicts Rugby Club
The Sydney Convicts are Australia’s first gay rugby club and are here to stay. These hunks are ready to tantalise you in their shorty shorts, making you take a sudden interest in the sport.

M6 – Heroes Live Forever – Ignite Spirit Australasia
Whip out your spirit stick and salute these chirpy cheerleaders and their freshmen followers as they ‘Ra Ra Ra’ their way through the parade.

M7 – The Dragon Boat of Love – Different Strokes
Different Strokes club president will be at the helm, aided by her two sailor drag queens who will help steer this “Dragon Boat of Love” to Mardi Gras bliss! Drawing inspiration from the ’80s TV show The Love Boat, this creative cruise ship will even blow puffs of smoke for its journey.

M8 – Skydivers Say Gravity Doesn’t Discriminate – Skydivers
Marching in their skydiving gear and parachute, this adventurous group is promoting the simple truth that “gravity doesn’t discriminate”.

M9 – Gay Tradies
Everyone loves a hot tradie and these 100+ participants are celebrating the workforce in style. Plenty of moves to Eurovision song ‘Flying the Flag’ and maybe a tradie crack or two to be seen along the way.

M10 – Fight for Love – Sydney Stingers Waterpolo
Fighting for their love with the help of glittery water polo balls and sexy speedos, these 100 Stingers will excite you with moves choreographed by drag sensation Decoda Secret.

M11 – The ’78ers – Seventy Eighters
The Sydney Bus Museum has lent their retro green and cream double decker bus to the Seventy Eighters — a wonderful collection made up of those involved in the 1978 struggles from the first Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

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