Shelf Lovers: Brisbane’s LGBT Bookstore

Shelf Lovers: Brisbane’s LGBT Bookstore
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Tucked away in the Brisbane suburb of Wooloowin is a unique and welcoming space for the LGBTQI community. Dedicated to providing books, resources and information for our community, Shelf Lovers is a safe and inclusive space, owner Kat tells Star Observer.

‘The Shop Is, Essentially, All About Love’

“Shelf Lovers’ motto is ‘Lots of Pride, No Prejudice’,” she said. “We offer books, gifts and community in a safe and welcoming space – we literally have a sign in the store that says ‘Everyone is Welcome Here’. People can revel in their love of books, and their love of geekery, and be accepted and celebrated for being exactly who they are. At the heart of it, without sounding too corny, the shop is essentially, all about love.”

Love is exactly how Shelf Lovers came about. In 2020, Kat’s 15-year-old son came out to her as transgender and also as gay, naturally Kat went searching for books to help her and her son on their journey together.

However, she found a lack of easily accessible books available to them. Having worked as a librarian, the idea for Shelf Lovers was formed. Three years later, with the help of family and friends, Shelf Lovers opened its doors to the public with Kat and her children operating this warm and welcoming space.

‘A Space Where The Community Could Come Together’

Now, as 2023 draws to a close, Shelf Lovers is expanding its offerings to include more events held at the venue, including a fabulous new Drag Story Time.

“A big focus for us in establishing the store was to create a space where the community could come together and people could engage and connect with others,” Kat said of their upcoming events.

“Our aim in the events we hold is to encourage inclusivity, and we believe that Drag Story Time events are a great way to do this. Drag Story Time showcases different ways people can express their gender and identities. The events are also a fun way to get kids (and their families) to engage with reading and can help build greater acceptance.”

The First Of Many Drag Story Times

Whilst their upcoming Christmas event with Dolly Kicks is an exciting event for Shelf Lovers, it aims to be the first of many more she says. “There are not many opportunities for people to attend Drag Story Time events in Brisbane or South East Queensland at the moment, so we are glad to be able to offer the community a way to participate in such events on a monthly basis.”

Shelf Lovers is located at 1 Dickson Street, Wooloowin, Brisbane.

You can find more information about their store at

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