Your rampaging ruling planet, Mars travels through your house of study and travel. Join the army, visit exotic places, meet strange people. The upbeat Sun and kinky Mercury get up close and personal with Mars so be aware love is likely to wear some sort of disguise. There’s something fanciful about the way in which new romance will manifest, so get ready.

Ultra sexy ruling planet Venus is in a very romantic position in your astrological love zone. Love and personal relationships are likely to take on a dreamier, more romantic tone. Your eyes are apt to sparkle as you speak or even think of the person you care about. On the work front, you’ll be faced with a major lunchtime dilemma, should you order a cut or uncut sandwitch?

Thrice double-damned planet Saturn and the moody Moon uncomfortably share your love zone this week. This is not good. A romance that begins by a splashing waterfall will end over a leaky sink. You’re apt to be somewhat fickle when it comes to love and romance. The key is freedom. The problem with this mindset is that you might be misinterpreted as being a bitch.

The planet of flirtation, Venus is in your love zone this week. You believe sex is a beautiful thing between two people — but between five it’s even better. On the work front, the Sun, Mercury and Mars liven things up. You’ll lose your cool easily and won’t accept any good advice. Stop spilling your decaffeinated soy milk frappucino in frustration.

The three naughty boy planets – Mercury, the Sun and Mars — all line up in your love zone. Don’t be afraid of the unknown this week, whatever happens will happen for a reason and you should be prepared to take a chance as it will lead to something bigger and better. On the love front, there is nothing wrong with making love with the light on. Just make sure the car door is closed.

Pluto reorganises your love life. Contracts, agreements, sharing resources – it’s time to make things more official with a loved one. This week will be about learning, exploring, and expanding. If you are still mourning a past relationship, this is the time to fully deal and heal from that so you can start fresh. Baggage? Try keeping it to carry-on size.

Neptune splashes around in your love zone. Life’s a constant changing process and most of your friends would say you are a strong person with an easy-going personality. But being strong is not only about protecting yourself, it’s about having strength to let go, especially if you are holding into something so tightly you don’t even know you could have a better life to live.

Venus is in your house of personality. Your artistic capacity is set to open up. Love and relationships will be a dominant energy. You will pay more attention to the way you present yourself and you will be welcomed wherever you go. On the work front, stop painting heart-shaped clouds in the sky. This is a great time to use your charms and move forward with your plans.

Confusion and the poorly structured plans of others will slow your progress this week. Don’t adopt the fragile schemes of others and make them your own. Think logically and you will easily cut a path through the uncertainty around you. Progress can be made if you move forward using a plan of your own device. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Venus, travels through your friendship and social connection zone. You need to talk with friends who can give you an insight on re-evaluating your current relationships. Their words of advice will be comforting but, more importantly, offer you an insight into how to deal with this tricky problem. Make sure you don’t talk to a mutual friend — they could be biased.

Venus flirts in your work zone. A creative project you’ve been working on will come to a climactic peak. Discuss your progress with others and hold an informal critique in order to get honest feedback on your work. A piece of art should stir a reaction inside another person. Consider ways you can challenge the people around you with your talent.

Neptune travels through the area in the zodiac that represents the past. You will have a fertile imagination and the knack of saying the right things at the right time. Spiritual yearnings are stirred up; soul searching makes you go deeper within. On the love front, a good partner will bail you out of jail, a better one will be in the next cell saying “that was fucking awesome”.

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