Adele Slams Homophobic Heckler At Concert

Adele Slams Homophobic Heckler At Concert
Image: Source: @adele on Instagram

A heckler at one of Adele’s recent Las Vegas shows was put in their place by the singer after interrupting her show with homophobia. 

During a segment where Adele interacts with the audience as part of her Weekends With Adele residency in Vegas, an audience member decided to pipe up and yell “Pride sucks” – on the first weekend of Pride Month, no less!

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Luckily, Adele wasn’t having any of it. In her legendary Cockney speaking voice, she didn’t mince any words when calling out the hateful audience member: “Did you just say Pride sucks? Did you come to my fucking show and say Pride sucks, are you fucking stupid?”

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous. If you’ve got nothing nice to say, shut up, alright?”

Boos for the homophobic interloper soon turned to cheers for Adele’s quick and thorough dismantling of the public display of hatred, further proving that the Hello singer’s shows are a safe space for queer people. 

As quickly as she called it out, Adele moved on and didn’t give the heckling any more time of day, instead reflecting on the journey of her Las Vegas residency so far and promising all the husbands dragged along a ‘great night’ after the show.

It’s far from the only time that the superstar has proven herself as an ally of the LGBTQI+ community. Whether it’s helping a gay Australian couple get engaged on stage, showing her support for the community after the Pulse nightclub shootings or becoming a minister to wed her gay friends, this incident in Vegas only further solidifies Adele’s status as an LGBTQI+ ally and icon. 

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