Adele Potentially Misheard Homophobic Heckler In Vegas

Adele Potentially Misheard Homophobic Heckler In Vegas
Image: Source: @adele on Instagram

We at Star Observer were amongst many yesterday praising Rolling In the Deep singer Adele for calling out a homophobic heckler for his attacks on Pride Month, but new footage has surfaced on Twitter/X in which the fan appears not to have said what was attributed to him.

In a segment of her June 1 show Weekends With Adele for her Las Vegas residency, the Oscar and Grammy winner was chatting with the audience when the man shouted something from the crowd which Adele heard as “Pride sucks.”

Footage shared by TikTok user @kimberly.gray5 was championed for showing Adele’s inspiring response:

“What was that? Did you just say, ‘Pride sucks’? Did you come to my fucking show and just say that Pride sucks? Are you fucking stupid? Don’t be so fucking ridiculous.”

“Work sucks”, not “Pride Sucks”

Now it seems that Adele may have misheard the man. Different footage shows that, while bantering on stage, the singer said: “Friday’s basically the beginning of my week, you know, because that’s when I work, basically. So it’s sort of like the weekdays are my weekend.”

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This is when the heckler interrupted, apparently saying “work sucks.” However, Adele heard the comment as “Pride sucks”, which prompted her impassioned defence of Pride Month before quickly moving on to the rest of the show.

Twitter/X users have been thoroughly discussing the heckler’s comment, with @someonelikejess tweeting: “Hate to defend a m*n but the guy was somewhere behind me and he said ‘work sucks’ not ‘Pride sucks.’ “

@nikitajshah added: “Yeah I was in the section next to him. He said work sucks because she mentioned something about working. It was all very awkward.”

Author Jedidiah Jenkins added to the conversation, stating that he could hear the man saying both words: “This is really one of those audio illusions. If I listen for ‘Pride’, I hear Pride. If I listen for ‘work’ I hear work. 

“But she was talking about pride when the person yelled. ‘Work sucks’ makes no sense. And the tone of the yell clocks with a bro annoyed at pride.” Though she seemingly mentioned Pride before discussing her work schedule, the man only made his comments after saying her weekdays and weekends felt swapped.

Praise for Adele’s stance

Though a slightly awkward experience for the heckler if he did indeed only say ‘Work sucks’, the incident still shows that Adele is a staunch LGBTQI+ ally who is always ready and willing to defend the queer community. 

Star Observer led the widespread praise for Adele’s comments, declaring her bold stance was further proof that her shows “are a safe space for queer people.”

On X LGBTQI+ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign tweeted: “Want to know how to challenge bullies and hate this Pride month? Take a page from the icon that is @Adele.”

Actor John Leguizamo tweeted: “Tell them Adele! You go girl!” Additionally, @JasonReidUK’s tweet “This is what an LGBTQI+ ally looks like” garnered over 8000 likes.

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