Anti-LGBT MP Fred Nile To Retire, Endorses Wife Silvana For His Seat In NSW Parliament

Anti-LGBT MP Fred Nile To Retire, Endorses Wife Silvana For His Seat In NSW Parliament
Image: Silvana and Fred Nile. Image: Facebook

NSW’s longest-serving MP, the controversial Reverend Fred Nile (88) is finally retiring from Parliament after 44 years.

Nile, who first named and then dumped Lyle Shelton as his successor, has now endorsed wife Silvana Nile to be the Revive Australia Party (Fred Nile Alliance) Restore Repair Rebuild Legislative Council lead candidate for the state election in March 2023

“I have no doubt that her passion, empathy, Christian values and Godliness will see Silvana continue my legacy in New South Wales State Parliament for many years to come,” Nile said in a statement.

The Christian Democratic Party Founder, has been known for his anti-LGBTQI, anti-abortion and anti-Muslim campaigns. He had opposed gay marriages, gay adoptions and had introduced legislation to force women who wanted an aborttion to view ultrasounds of their fetuses.

Nile’s Anti-LGBTQI Campaigns

In a 2013 episode of Q+A, Nile had referred to homosexuality as a “life choice”. And he famously prayed for rain during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrations for a number of years.

Recently, after Andrew Thorburn resigned as CEO of Essendon Football Club, a day after being appointed  Nile claimed that “Christians are not welcome in Australian Rules Football”. Thorburn’s appointment had been opposed due to his links with an anti-LGBTQI church.

“These traditional Bible-based views are standing for life and offering spiritual support to same-sex attracted Christians struggling with their faith and sexuality. These views are normal to Australian Christians, are Christians not allowed to serve as executives any longer?” Nile said.

‘Good Riddance’

There was no love lost for Nile from the LGBTQI community and it remains to be seen if his wife Silvana shares his understanding of what “Christian values” mean.

Drag performer and activist Pauline Pantsdown shared a video of Nile leading an anti-gay march in 1989 along Oxford Street, the traditional route of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

“Australia’s oldest homophobe politician Fred Nile just announced his retirement from NSW Parliament. Thanks for being the subject of my first voice edit and for being such a dick! Seeya, wooden wanna beeya,” tweeted Pauline Pantsdown.

“Good riddance to Fred Nile’s outrageously conservative, theocracy based politics and policies that have attempted to take NSW back to some of the most regressive policies of the 1950’s,” said another Twitter user.

Nile recently asked out gay Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich to support his bill to reform laws to protect Indigenous culture and heritage in NSW. Greenwich said he was “proud to do”, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.


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