Yesterday saw Twitter magic unfold as Glee star and diva-in-the-making Lea Michele struck up conversation with her lifelong idol, Barbra Streisand.

On the hit television series Michele plays the role of Rachel Berry, a Streisand devotee, a characteristic both actor and character share.

Taking time out from learning her lines, Michele spotted an original Barbra Streisand doll on television show Hoarders. She then tweeted how much she wanted to buy the doll.

Streisand is not a prolific tweeter but she took to the keyboard and wrote, “Forget the guy. I’m sending you the doll. But I want a Lea Michele doll when it comes out!”

Michele’s reply was short but sweet.

“DEAL!! Ps I adore you:)”

After the interaction Michele’s tweeted, “Am I dreaming or did @BarbraStreisand just tweet me? I just died. I’m literally dead on the floor.”

“This officially is the best day ever.”

As well as those of her friends, including this from co-star Amber Riley, “That is so cool! I know your life feels complete huh?”