Gay Games registrations soar

Gay Games registrations soar

Organisers of the Cologne Gay Games have announced early registration figures for the Games, to be held in Germany next year. They said they are pleased with the large number of people who’ve signed up — over 2500 since registration opened in October.

“We are ahead of projections at this moment. Experience shows that more than half of all Gay Games participants register in the last few last months before the Opening Ceremony,” co-president of the Cologne Gay Games Michael Lohaus said.

“Especially in times of economic crisis, when most people are not able to make long-term decisions, we are even more pleased with this overwhelming success.”

Lohaus attributed the high registration figures to the public relations activities undertaken by the Games Cologne team.

“We have been present at many sport meetings and LGBT events. In addition, two Cologne promotion teams travelled through the USA recently and presented Gay Games VIII in 20 American cities,” he said.

The Gay Games will take place between July 31 and August 7, taking in 34 sports and five cultural events and with an expected 12,000 participants (more than the Olympic Games). Those interested in participating can register via the website up until approximately three months before the Games.

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