Gaynor ‘not suspended from KAP’

Gaynor ‘not suspended from KAP’

gaynorControversial former Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) candidate Bernard Gaynor (pictured) claims he has not been kicked out of the party during its national executive meeting today.

“KAP’s decision not 2 terminate m’ship today acknowledges suspension was mistake & party backs parents rights 2 object 2 gay teachers,” he wrote on Twitter this afternoon.

He followed with another tweet stating that the party had shown its commitment to opposing marriage equality.

“Also sends very strong message KAP remains committed to marriage as a union between man & woman. Thank God for this victory.”

The head office of the party was contacted for comment by Star Observer but was informed that the national executive meeting was still in progress and no comment would be made before its conclusion.

Gaynor made headlines when he defended homophobic comments made by Victorian KAP candidate Tess Corbett, who linked homosexuality to paedophilia and didn’t want “gays, lesbians to be working [in] kindergarten”.

“I wouldn’t let a gay person teach my children and I am not afraid to say it,” Gaynor said at the time.

KAP president Alex McLindon confirmed that Gaynor’s membership of the party had been suspended following the torrent of criticism the party received regarding the comments.

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