Gottmik & Vanessa Vanjie Say They Used To “Drag Race And Chill”

Gottmik & Vanessa Vanjie Say They Used To “Drag Race And Chill”
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Drag Race All-Stars season 9 co-competitors Vanjie and Gottmik have revealed that they used to “Drag Race and Chill” in a hilariously honest new interview.

As part of a friendship test conducted by Glamour Magazine, the cast of All-Stars 9 took turns answering questions about one another, sharing a lot of love between one another in the wholesome group interview

However, though those niceties are delightful to see, Vanjie and Gottmik’s freshly spilled tea is what Drag Race fans have latched onto most from the interview. 

“I remember writing to you on Instagram while your season was airing,” recalled Vanjie, “and then I was like, ‘let’s hang out.’” Gottmik said of the messages: “Those were horny DMs.”

With no shame, Vanjie replied: “Yes they were! I’m trying to keep the story short for them, okay? I wrote, we met up to watch one of the episodes together…” to which Gottmik replied by using heavy air quotes on the word ‘watch.’ 

When Shannel asked if it was actually watching, Vanjie confirmed that it was more of a “Netflix and chill” scenario, before quickly coining “Drag Race and chill.” Shannel and Roxxy Andrews looked over to Gottmik asking if it was true, who laughed in confirmation. 

@glamourmag When we gathered the queens of #DragRace All Stars 9 for a #FriendshipTest, we had no idea that some of them were…more than friends 😳. For more tea, watch the full episode at the link in bio. #Gottmik #MsVanjie #RPDR ♬ original sound – Glamour

Response to Gottmik and Vanjie’s tea

Drag Race fans across the internet were left equally delighted and gagged by the revelation, with a number of hilarious comments from fans and the queens alike. 

Many noted that it wasn’t the first time Vanjie had become involved with a Drag Race contestant, having developed an on-screen romance with Brooke Lynn on Canada’s Drag Race.

One Twitter/X user said: “Vanjie [is] collecting the Ru girls like they’re Pokémons,” which prompted a response from the queen herself: 

One fan on TikTok commented: “VANJIE AND GOTTMIK???? OH TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL,” while another said they would have never guessed that Vanjie and Gottmik would kai kai. 

In the midst of the news, Gottmik appeared to stake her claim on her old flame: when Brooke Lynn called Vanjie pretty on Twitter/X, she responded by replying with the following: 

The news isn’t the first time Gottmik has been in the headlines for All-Stars 9, most recently stunning with a top surgery look on the runway that infuriated right-wingers.

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