A song for size queens

A song for size queens

An unlikely pair of underground queer icons have given Far East Movement’s Like A G6 an extreme(-ly queer) makeover.

Music sensation Calpernia Addams and the gay pimp himself, Johnny McGovern, transform the electro-crunk club banger into an hilarious party anthem called Likin’ Big Dicks. The title says it all.

This is a call to arms for size queens and power bottoms the world over. There’s nothing subtle about the video (below) either – hung boys in speedos grind away in a club while Calpernia and Johnny strut their stuff.

For more of these cutting edge pop stars, check out Calpernia’s Blog and Johhny’s internet smash Soccer Practice.

Via The Prophet Blog.

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3 responses to “A song for size queens”

  1. Hey AJ, you contradict yourself. first you say that Adams “is a post-op transsexual” then you say “Calpernia Addams is a woman”. ???
    which is it ?
    post op transsexual is not a woman, its a post op transsexual.
    you got it right the first time.

  2. Please take note: Calpernia Addams (yes, it’s with TWO “d”s) is not a “drag sensation.” A rock star? Yes. But she is not a drag queen.

    Also, please check your grammar. It was hard to move past “A unlikely” without wincing.

    Ed: Thanks Alex and AJ for picking this up, we have amended the story. We apologise for any offence caused.

  3. You may wish to issue an apology and a correction. Calpernia Addams, while hosting a drag show in Weho, is not a drag queen. She is a post-op transsexual, and has been for some time. Calpernia Addams is a woman.

    In case you lived under a rock in the Noughties, her heartbreaking story was told in the 2003 HBO film: A Soldier’s Girl.