American Gymnast Sam Phillips Credits His Success To Coming Out As Bisexual

American Gymnast Sam Phillips Credits His Success To Coming Out As Bisexual
Image: Sam Phillips Instagram

In honour of National Coming Out Day, Sam Phillips, captain of the men’s gymnastics team at the University of Nebraska shared his bisexual journey.

‘There’s A Space For Me’

On October 11, in a video posted on social media, Phillips, 21, explained, “I always knew that there was a part inside of me that was a little bit different than the rest, and I didn’t really know how to express it.”

Growing up, he thought there was “either black or white, gay or straight.” 

“Hearing the word bisexual, and knowing, at that young age, what it meant, gave me comfort – Like, ‘oh, there’s a space for me there. That’s where I belong’,” Phillips shared.

‘Fully Being Myself’

According to Phillips, his gymnastics team was very supportive after he came out as bisexual. 

Speaking about coming out, he said, “It’s helped my gymnastics and it’s helped me grow as a person here in Nebraska. It’s allowed me to step into any room and fully be myself. Fully being myself helps me attack my goals better – be more driven, be more focused, help me motivate myself in low times.”

He continued, “Finally knowing fully and truly who I am, and being allowed to express that, allowed my gymnastics to get better. Because then I use my gymnastics as an art form, to express my creativity. The expression of some femininity with masculinity just made my gymnastics better, made me a better person, made me a better competitor.”

Hopes His Coming Out Inspires Others

Phillips hopes that by sharing his story, more student-athletes who feel unheard and unseen, feel encouraged and comfortable enough to come out.

In March, in an interview with The Daily Nebraskan, he said, “Seeing others like me would have been huge for me. So I do it for the boys behind me who need to see me in these spaces to be comfortable with myself growing up.”

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