Group Of Top League Footballers Set To Come Out Next Month

Group Of Top League Footballers Set To Come Out Next Month

A group of top league male German footballers are set to come together next month with a planned announcement to come out as gay.

This landmark event will mark the first time any group of players have united to publicly reveal their sexuality.

German Footballers to make a historic announcement

Currently there are no openly gay male professional footballers in Germany.

Across the world the ranks of professional sport still lack visibility and representation with few to no openly gay players in many of the major sporting leagues.

Australian Josh Cavallo made history when he became the first top-tier male professional soccer player to come out as gay.

Now a group of German players will follow suit this May.

On May 17, known as IDHOBIT, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, the group of players will make their announcement.

This will take place during the German Bundesliga domestic season with games continuing across the weekend following.

Reports about the announcement have been circulated by German press outlet Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung who have reported that all clubs involved are aware of the players participating in the announcement.

“There are also gay Bundesliga couples who are in hiding”

German Footballer Marcus Urban who came out sixteen years after quitting the game has welcomed the announcement.

“May 17 is an offer,” he said when speaking with Editorial Network Germany (RND).

‘A date that you could use as a guide and get together as a group.”

‘There is controversy there” he reflected.

“Do I still want to wait until the world of football becomes the way I want it to be? Why should I wait?”

“An interesting dynamic has come into play, you can see that people’s minds are starting to move and are thinking about whether it really makes sense to continue to hide and deny themselves.”

He went on to discuss the fact that there actually already gay couples playing in the Bundesliga too, noting that the announcement would be liberating for them if they were to participate.

“There are also gay Bundesliga couples who are in hiding,’ he explained.

“That would be so liberating. What’s wrong with it?”


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