Utah Transgender Snitch Line Finds No ‘Legit’ Complaints Out of 12,000

Utah Transgender Snitch Line Finds No ‘Legit’ Complaints Out of 12,000
Image: Utah House of Reps after a protest of the HB 257 law. Image: Twitter

The controversial Utah snitch line – which encourages people to report transgender people who use public bathrooms that align with their gender identity – has had zero ‘legitimate’ reports out 12,000.

The Utah State Auditor John Dougall has confirmed his office has been “unable to substantiate” a single report out of thousands of complaints the line has received.

Utah Snitch Line based on recent transphobic state law HB 257

In early May, the Utah State Auditor’s Office opened the form which allowed the public to anonymously report if they suspected transgender and gender-diverse people were using bathrooms or changing rooms in government buildings that aligned with their gender identity.

The form was a part of the newly enacted state law by Republican Rep. Kera Birkeland, titled ‘Sex-based Designations for Privacy, Anti-bullying and Women’s Opportunities’ – or HB 257.

HB 257 changed definitions of ‘woman’ and ‘man’ to be based wholly on a person’s reproductive organs at birth, rather than the modern accepted terminologies of gender identity.

This law affected all government-run and public facilities, including schools, libraries, recreation centres, courthouses, and even airports.

12,000 reports of trans folk in the ‘wrong’ bathroom

When it opened, the report form was quickly flooded with bogus claims, memes and jokes from those who disagreed with the transphobic snitch line.

Since opening in May, the report line has received 12,000 reports. The Auditor’s Office deemed just five of them ‘plausible’ enough to investigate, and all five inquiries could not substantiate anything.

The most recent was made against Utah Department of Corrections.

The report read, “The Office received an allegation that an employee in the Administrative offices allows an individual to use a sex-designated restroom facility that does not align with their sex.”

This complaint, like all others, could not be substantiated – but the Auditors Office noted that Utah DOC must begin to implement a plan in order to adhere to the HB 257 law.

State Auditor’s Office releases statement

John Dougall released the statement to the Salt Lake Tribune, just hours before Utahn lawmakers were scheduled to vote on whether to ignore new rules to Title IX from President Joe Biden.

The new rules expand Title IX, meaning all schools, colleges and universities that receive federal funding are required to allow transgender students to access to restrooms and changing rooms that align with their gender identity.

In the statement, Dougall says his office is constantly sorting through hoaxes and bogus complaints to the snitch line.

Dougall has previously criticised the politicians responsible for implementing HB 257 and the tip line, saying lawmakers were “invasive and overly aggressive” and “too often [failed] to seek input from those most affected”.

“During June, almost all of the complaints we received were also frivolous complaints,” the statement reads.

“We have completed our investigations and are not investigating any other complaints at this time. As we identify credible or good-faith complaints, we will investigate those pursuant to the statutory requirement.”

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