Jewish Canberrans show support

Jewish Canberrans show support

The board of the ACT Jewish Community (ACTJC) has passed a unanimous motion this month to call an end to hatred and discrimination of LGBTI people.

The motion, put forward by ACTJC president Manny Waks, opposes any form of hatred towards a person on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity and calls on the Jewish community to support work to combat homophobia in Australia.

“This motion sends a strong message: that discrimination against the GLBT community is simply unacceptable and that our community is determined to combat such discrimination,” Waks said.

“I encourage anyone within the GLBT community who is discriminated against to report this to the authorities.

“Moreover, it is imperative that anyone who feels victimised as a result of their sexual orientation seek the support they may need. The ACTJC is willing and ready to provide any assistance within its means that is necessary.”

The move was prompted by Aleph convenor Michael Barnett who encouraged Waks to do so earlier this year.

In his blog, the Melbourne Jewish support group spokesman said the motion was a good start.

“I truly hope these words can be turned into positive actions over the coming months and years,” Barnett wrote.

“While there are significant hurdles to be overcome before homosexuality and bisexuality are considered remotely acceptable by Orthodox Judaism, it’s policies like these that will send the message that it’s unacceptable to treat people disrespectfully or in a discriminatory manner because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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