Josh Cavallo Backs Adelaide 2030 Gay Games Bid

Josh Cavallo Backs Adelaide 2030 Gay Games Bid
Image: Josh Cavallo. Image: Twitter

Josh Cavallo has weighed in on recent news that Adelaide is in the running to host the 2030 Gay Games.

The out gay athlete has thrown his support behind his home town to win their bid to host the games.

If successful it would see Adelaide become the first Australian city to host the games since Sydney in 2002

Josh Cavallo says Adelaide is an inclusive city

Last week it was announced that Australia was proceeding in the official selection process for the 2030 Gay Games. 

In fact out of the top ten cities selected to move forward Australia was represented three times.

Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth have all been announced as potential hosts for the upcoming Gay Games.

And of course Josh Cavallo thinks his home city of Adelaide is the best place to host the international event.

In a press release he emphasised the importance of the event for the city and the community.

“This is a sporting city and it’s an inclusive city. The idea of having such a huge event, that throws Adelaide onto the world’s stage, is incredibly exciting,” he said in the statement.

“Hosting the Gay Games in Adelaide wouldn’t just be a win for the LGBTQIA+ community – it would also be a win for everyone, because sport is for everyone – regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion.”

The official bid is supported by the Feast Festival in Adelaide, an annual celebration of queer arts and culture that highlights some of the best arts and entertainment the state has to offer.

Perth eyes off the 2030 Gay Games bid

While Josh Cavallo is certainly excited at the prospective of a successful bid for Adelaide, it seems Perth are hot on their heels in the bidding process.

Pride WA are leading the campaign for a successful bid with their CEO Dr Lauren Butterly confident Perth is the place to be for the games.

“We are so excited to be bidding for the Gay Games 2030. Perth has an incredibly vibrant and diverse LGBTQIA+ sports community that has grown and flourished in recent years” Dr Butterfly stated.

“This coupled with Perth’s strong sporting culture, great weather and world-class sporting facilities makes Perth the right city, at the right time, for the Gay Games 2030.”

She emphasised the importance of forming community through sport, something she had personally experienced.

“LGBTQIA+ sports are so much more than exercise; it is an incredible community. In fact, LGBTQIA+ sports is where many of us find our home – including me.

“Bidding for the Gay Games is a way of sharing our vibrant LGBTQIA+ sports community with the world and continuing to bring us all even closer together.” Dr Butterly added.

The 2023 Gay Games were hosted by Hong Kong with Guadalajara announced as the co-hosting country for the year.

The 2026 Gay Games will be hosted in Valencia, Spain.

The final three contenders for the 2030 Gay Games will be unveiled in December 2024.

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