Lesbian couple nab first

Lesbian couple nab first

The first baby born in France this year has lesbian parents. Britain’s The Telegraph reports that baby Sacha was born between midnight and 12.01 am on January 1 in the French town of Moulin, making her the nation’s first recorded baby of 2013.

Sacha’s parents – reported as birth mother Maude and her partner Delphine – are hoping to get married when the French government’s plans for marriage equality are implemented this year.  Sacha was born as the result of artificial insemination in Belgium because same-sex couples are still restricted from accessing the technology in France.

The French government detailed its plans on introducing marriage equality and adoption rights for same-sex couples in the country in September last year.

Same-sex couples will be able to become legal guardians of their partner’s biological child under the new laws. But local rights advocates have criticised a decision not to extend to state-funded artificial insemination to lesbian couples with the bill.

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