Claims ‘gays want to destroy marriage’

Claims ‘gays want to destroy marriage’

The director of a bioethics centre funded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane has claimed that Australian advocates of marriage equality’s real agenda is to “rid society of the institution of marriage”.

On the front page of the Catholic Leader newspaper, Queensland Bioethics Centre bioethicist Ray Campbell said allowing same-sex couples to wed would constitute discrimination “on a massive scale” against married heterosexuals.

“The advocates of same-sex marriage want to create a new public institution and they want to call this new institution ‘marriage’,” said Campbell, who claimed the issue raised the question of whether clergy could be sued for refusing to marry gay couples, and whether Catholic priests would find themselves in “cooperation with an immoral law” if they continued to marry people under an amended Marriage Act.

Campbell told the Star Observer “gay literature” backed up his claims.

“Some of the advocates for gay marriage from the gay community are quite clear that they don’t believe in marriage as an institution and they understand that in extending marriage to same-sex couples they undermine the very rationale for marriage,” Campbell said.

However, when contacted by phone Campbell was not able to name a publication or group that had laid out such an agenda.

Campbell offered to supply examples but none were received before going to print.

Campbell was aware that no jurisdiction in the world that had legalised same-sex marriage had required clergy to perform them, but said the issue raised the question nonetheless.

“It’s one of the questions that would have to be taken into consideration,” he said.

Asked how same-sex marriage discriminated against those currently married, Campbell said it would cause people who had entered into a social institution to find it changed around them.

Australian Marriage Equality national convenor Alex Greenwich told the Star Observer he knew of no advocate of same-sex marriage in Australia with the agenda Campbell described.

“The people who are fighting for marriage equality are not people with secret ideologies- they are people like me who just want to marry the person they love in the country they love,” he said.

“I’ve heard some ridiculous claims in the past — everything from same-sex marriage will lead to humans marrying aliens to claim MSG makes you gay — but this one tops them all.

“If our opponents are having to grasp at straws like this, they can probably be identified as the losers in this argument already.”

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28 responses to “Claims ‘gays want to destroy marriage’”

  1. First the institution of elections was ruined by allowing women to vote. Then we had to find a new word for “public transport” when they started allowing black people to sit anywhere they like. Where will it all end????
    Won’t someone think of the children? (as long it isn’t a priest thinking of the children, they tend to get a bit too enthusiastic).

  2. Im all for gay marriage,But how do we prove to the straight world that we are just like them and want equal rights?
    Sure we can rally and have all these Never-ending speeches congratulating ourselves But then its quickly back to square One of Society only seeing us leading a Promiscuous Lifestlye fuelled by a list of never-ending one stands & Drug Fuelled Partys/Orgys.
    Sure I’ll agree that there is a small Minority of Couples that want to get married and be taken seriously,But the Larger majority of Gay Men love their lifestyle of Hitting the Tubs-Clubs and have no Interest of marriage what so ever,A large majority…
    Its a crying shame that the Straight Community only gimpse about the Gay Community is through watching Mardi Gra on T.V or seeing pics in this news paper of grown men with Blow up plastic Dicks under their arms Or Giant ads Promoting safe ways of taking drugs Or how to suck cock whithout gagging at special meetings,seriously are we to be taken as Normal?
    Lastly (And yes I am for gay Marriage) how are gay couples supposed to live in as a recognised couple in the Western/Southern Suburbs when the general public secretly hates us? Just look at those 2 young men who were hospitalised for being a gay couple having dinner at the Seven Hills RSL & The police response.
    Where are we to go? Live in the City Ghettos of darlinghurst and Pay $450 a week rent,No thanks.
    Sorry If I offended anyone,But I think we need to help each other more first,thanks

  3. Heteros are soooo insecure in their own lives and marriages that they have to scapegoat us. They are pathetic. No need to elaborate, my days of trying to reason with them are over. I ignore them now.

  4. Two loved members of my family drank themselves to death. Never able to live up the ideals they were indoctrinated with. They were victims of Catholic, popcorn theology and over breeding. The result was poor health and unbearable poverty.

    This holy trail of destruction is purposely designed to be a Train wreckage. Starting with Catechism, Divorce, offspring delivered to Orphanages, Mental disease and alcoholism. Yes, the Church operates Schools, Hospitals, Orphanages, retirement villages and Cemetery’s, you name it. It’s their highway to hell, a miserable Merry Go Round starting from Birth to Death. It’s a good business of Real Estate, abuse and misery.

  5. What a bigotted organisation, bioethics? you are a moronthat shoudl be enslaved and the bible preaches. We can also stone your office if you prefer. Or to be catholic, we would be happy to burn you at the stake Ray Campbell.

    Wake up . This isnt 1700 or 1850s anymore. Canada Spain, Portugal Argentina and Mexico all have gay marriage.



  6. Catholic bioethicist Ray Campbell claims that gay marriage is a discrimination against heterosexuals. Either he has no idea what discrimination actually is, or is being deliberately disingenuous. This is a common tactic of religious lobbyists. They made the same false cry of discrimination recently against NSW ethics classes and the rights of same-sex couples to have children. Campbell now wants to deny marriage to Australian same-sex couples. Hardly an ethical position. But also hardly a surprising response from a biased mouthpiece of the Catholic Church’s impudent heterosupremacism.

    People can choose their own beliefs but the Bible, Torah and Koran are not Australian law. These tomes say many things that are incompatible with our diverse accepting Aussie way of life. The biblical slant against gays is disputed even by today’s biblical scholars, while the Bible also claims that shellfish (Leviticus 11:9-12) and shaving (Leviticus 19:27) are abominations but rape, homicide and slavery are sometimes okay. Australians know better, expect better, and deserve better.

  7. “Really, what significance does the Catholic Church have on society today? nothing at all! ”
    – Um, unfortunately they (& other church groups) control or own most of the leading hospitals & medical research centres, they control the leading hospitals where you are born, they control the most of the leading primary schools that you attend, they control most of the leading high schools that our future leaders in the community attend. They control people on the boards of many of the universities, and they control directly or indirectly hospital boards and politicians, … and finally, they control many of the community care services, and control & own many of the leading nursing services, retirement villages and nursing homes. Then when you are dead, your family may drag your body into a church-run funeral & burial.
    So…. the point is, they (the Catholic Church, & other Christian Extremist organisations) control much of us & our bodies from birth to grave.
    We live in a secular society however… and we need to be moving AWAY from church influence. Their claws & cluthes need to be further removed from all facets of society. The straight media need to stop giving them a voice too. And please- Kristina Keneally really needs to stop quoting “this is what Jesus would do” when legislating in NSW parliament. If I was sitting in that parliament I would feel like I was surrounded by religious crazies. Bring on more Greens MPs!!

  8. The only thing the catholic church is worried about it the fact that alot of marrages will be preformed away from the church,

  9. I’m amazed that the Catholic Church still believes that it is the arbiter of all things moral. And the last time I checked you had to be a Catholic in order to be married in a Catholic CHurch…and seeing the denial of communion to practising Gays by the Catholic Church, I think that this is all in a way very hypothetical.

  10. So, going by that principle, gay people having sex would ruin it all for straight people having sex? So, does that mean that once gay people have ruined sex – nobody will have sex any more? They’ll have successfully destroyed sex? Is that how it all works?

    Well, l guess that would be one way to slow our population growth. Preventing idiots like this from reproducing would also work.

  11. The Catholic church should stick to trying to keep married hetero couples together as their divorce rate is thru the roof (not to mention a Sin in the eyes of their god). All this talk about gay marriage ruining marriage is just deck chairs on the Titanic.

  12. Really, what significance does the Catholic Church have on society today? nothing at all! And if a person can so proudly say, “Im a devout catholic” I can proudly say, “I suck cock”. I was taught in a catholic school and for what, watching grown men in the playground prancing around in dresses who become violent if you dont go by their way. The idiots our parents entrust us to, oh yes, “because the pope says so!” What drives a man to want to become a christian brother and have a passion to teach boys? hmm the mind boggles (and this goes to Wills very first comment what comes to mind).

  13. I’m always amazed at the power that some straight people think gay people have over their lives. If two gay people kiss, if they marry, if they live happily, if they get jobs, if they adopt, if they live in your neighbourhood, if they hold hands, if they do anything other than hide in their closet and keep quiet (or better yet pretend to be straight and sham marry someone of the opposite sex) then straight people everywhere will be disgusted, their marriages will be ruined, their families will be corrupted, their God will do unspeakable things to their communities, they won’t be able to do their jobs, their own children will mysteriously suddenly start becoming more gay, people won’t be able to pro-create anymore and the whole human existence will come to a screeching halt. Them’s some powerful people them gays!

  14. Ron

    Me kissing you would looke much better.

    Oh well, I think we would look better then the Pope Kissing the ground, or George Pell kissing my ring.


    Big Dave

  15. Boris,

    Free speech is not an argument to incite violence.

    I know many good catholic people. I have always found them to be good and decent people and frustrated with their current leadership as much as we are at times. I have seen the good work many priest and nuns do, even in the old days at Fairfield hospital helping people suffering from AIDS, when the Bishops were telling them not to. But some of the comments from some Bishops, and submissions to government’s enquiries do incite violence. Even my Catholic friends agree some in the Church need to be brought to justice.

    Perhaps if some bold and brave people took on the Nazi Bishops, then Hitler would have had his influence reduced.

    Being a Bishop does not give legal indemnity for anything and nor should it. If there are laws in QLD that have been broken, then people in QLD should take action. If they do this, they could be saving a life. Saving some innocent gay guy that gets set upon by a group of thugs, inspired by the hate of the comments of this Bishop.

    It is worth considering there are around 1600 priest left in Australia, most can get a senior card. There are 300,000 people at Mardi Gras on a bad year. There was a time when jobs advertised to say “No Catholics Need Apply”. Thankfully we have changed this. It is a shame some seek to give good and decent people the same vilification that they once suffered.

  16. This makes me laugh so much.

    The scary part is some people will believe them.

    They had better start creating bunkers underground so they can protect themselves against gay marriage. Its just around the corner.


  17. Dave

    You ask what are the laws of vilification in Queensland?
    Are you suggesting that this man could or should be sued for saying what he did?

    Many may disagree profoundly with what he said and sure it does sound rather foolish, but he was simply excercising his right of free speech.
    This man is a Catholic and I’ve read a lot of harsh and offensive things said about the Catholic Church in Star Observer articles. Are you rading this Andrew Potts and Doug Pollard?

    If I were an activist Catholic I might have the mind to sue for defamation and vilification. But the fact is if I did that I would be tying to use the legal system to undermine the principle of free speech which is one of the foundations of democracy.

    Has anyone reading this heard that famous saying by Voltaire
    “I may disagree with what you say , but I will defend to the death you’re right to say it”
    If this principle is lost from our society then we’re all screwed!!!

    It is also bizarre that it seems popular amongst people who write a comment here to make a comment about priests and their lust for teenage boys. This could be construed as showing disgust for the notion of sexual attraction between males. But I’m guess it is only the “straight” priests who like their boys like their scotch, a smooth flavour aged for 12 years. I’m sure the gay priests keep their libidos under control or have sex with adult women.

  18. We are not creating a new institution- the definition of equality is that we are joining an EXISTING institution. And PHHLEESE note everyone, that in our country marriage is a civil function- civil marriage, run by the government, not the Catholic Church.
    Secondly… the only thing that could “threaten” marriage is if we get less than equality & get second rate civil unions instead of civil marriage… and if it’s open to straights as well, then those straight couples would be “destroying” marriage by opting for a civil union instead of a civil marriage, destroying it one union at a time.
    At the end of the day, granting full equality will only strenghten civil marriage. Gays pay taxes too & deserve the right to FULL EQUALITY in a government registry office to access civil marriage.

  19. Silly old prick has it all wrong. Gay marriage is not about discriminating against the rest of society or destroying the institution, it is part of a wider evil conspiracy called the gay agenda where the primary objective is to turn the world queer, and enslave bigotted religious fruitcakes like him into a life of servitude.

    I would be interested in this “bioethicist’s” explanation of divorce and the role of opposite sex couples in the disintegration of their own marriages.

  20. Gosh, they just keep throwing those curb balls. It is as though they just can’t help themselves, a bit like getting an erection under their frocks each time a 12yo boy passes them by.

    Ho Hum.