I am starting to realise how habitual I really am. Each time I prepare to write Dragstar I must first have a shower to freshen myself up, make something to eat and a coffee, log on to Gaydar.com (hey, you never know -¦) and check my emails. That is all before I have typed a word.

It was confirmed how habitual I am last week when I heard the Easter Show was about to start. Oh, I have to go. I have been to every show since I was little, I squawked around the flat. I think it is something about holding onto your youth. Okay, I know it is about holding on to your youth.

Spending many of my primary school years in country Queensland, I found the show was a high point of an otherwise boring calendar. We even had a show holiday and field trips with our school to see crappy craft and animals that we all had in the back paddock anyway.

Well, this year was no exception. I rounded up a posse (okay, it was just Fuchsia Star) and off we skipped. The day almost started with a disaster as we both tripped and stumbled getting onto the train. But as we got ourselves together it was time to have fun.

Now I am not sure if I have talked about the Easter show before, but I think it is one of the gayest events other than Mardi Gras and I think they should push for a Gay Day like the one at Florida’s Disney World. It is hard to hide your delight as you see a group of gay boys huddling around a flower arrangement or ceramic sculpture showing off their first prize.

I was able to pop into the Venus Room last Friday night to see the new show Filthy Dirty Whores. Very camp, girls -“ you had me laughing all the way through. Cleo, Carrisma and Freda all dance up a storm leaving themselves and the audience gasping for breath. Good onya, girls.

Is Polly Petrie having work done? No, it is just the Lizard Lounge that is having a quick facelift, though next time you see Polly, have a look behind her ears.

This week at the Midnight Shift we see the start of The Bachelor. From the makers of Drag Survivor, Portia and Kath have come up with a show which focuses on a bunch of half-naked guys. Just what we love! I am trying to enrol as the Average Joe. Will let you know if I am successful.

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