Equal rights expected to boost big business

Equal rights expected to boost big business

Employers are being asked to back equal marriage rights for same-sex couples by signing their name to an online list of major companies who recognise their same-sex attracted employees’ relationships both in principle and financially.

The online register, established by Australian Marriage Equality, has already garnered support from the Commonwealth Bank, IBM, Qantas and Seek Limited.

There are a lot of employees who recognise their staff members’ same-sex relationships, AME national secretary Alex Greenwich said.

If corporations are happy to recognise same-sex marriages, and it doesn’t affect their businesses and in fact helps their businesses, then it doesn’t make sense for the government to deny these relationships.

IBM’s Strategic Brand and Values Communication Manager Maris Stanley knows firsthand how her company’s approach has helped to boost morale and pride in the com-pany. Stanley has worked for IBM for nine years, and the company’s support for her relationship both before and after her commitment ceremony has meant a lot.

IBM has always recognised same-sex partners as having exactly the same rights as any other de facto relationship, she told SSO.

It was the same before my partner and I had our commitment ceremony. I was entitled to all the same HR policies and benefits, which was particularly important last year when we had a baby and I needed to take parental leave.

To know that my company is at the forefront of this push for diversity, both here in Australia and worldwide, is a great feeling. It gives me a lot of pride.

The ever-growing list will be published on the AME website, www.australianmarriageequality.com/employers.htm.

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