Gay marriage support reaches new high

Gay marriage support reaches new high

A Galaxy poll released yesterday shows support for marriage equality at its highest level ever in Australia at 64 percent.

Australian Marriage Equality national convenor Alex Greenwich, who commissioned the poll, said support for marriage equality will only continue to grow and if the federal Parliament fails to the deliver reform, the states will act.

“Support for marriage equality has risen to its highest point ever because Australians are increasingly realising that marriage equality will strengthen relationships, families and marriage,” Greenwich said.

“The message to the federal Parliament is clear: if you ignore the aspirations of the majority of Australians and fail to support this reform it will occur anyway, state by state and territory by territory.”

The release of the poll coincides with the launch of a new television campaign by marriage advocates, highlighting the importance of marriage equality to families across Australia.

“The new ad campaign will send the message that marriage is about strengthening the bonds within families, and that includes the growing number of families with gay and lesbian members,” Greenwich said.

The ad features Ivan Hinton, his partner Chris and their extended families. Hinton said his motivation behind doing the ad was to show that his family was just like everyone else’s.

“Marriage is a unique way to strengthen family bonds and to bring two families together, and I don’t understand why some people want to deny this to me, my husband and our families,” Hinton said.

“I love my family, I love my husband and I want our families to be treated the same as other families.”

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