Greenwich attacks Christian group

Greenwich attacks Christian group

Sydney state MP Alex Greenwich has condemned the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) in a speech to state Parliament today.

The independent MP and former national convenor of Australian Marriage Equality moved a motion stating that Parliament should condemn the conservative lobby group for comparing LGBTI advocates to Nazis and implying that being gay is more dangerous than smoking.

The motion also noted that “the majority of Christians support equality for gay and lesbian Australians” and that Australia is “a secular country which separates Church and State”.

In September, ACL head Jim Wallace said that society would “owe smokers a big apology” if gay marriage were legalised, as encouraging homosexuality would see the spread of a “lifestyle” that sees “the life of a male reduced by up to 20 years”.

A 2012 study of ACL press releases and media mentions found that the organisation focuses overwhelmingly on issues surrounding LGBTI rights such as gay marriage, with almost no mention of other Christian issues such as poverty, human rights or education.

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