In my dreams

In my dreams

Does everyone have ‘soap opera’ love affairs? Ever since I was a young girlie/boy I have taken my mind into these silly fantasises.

I would catch a bus into town, a stranger would sit two seats in front of me. In my mind we were already in love. I would name him, and soon ‘Luke’ and I would be chatting and snuggling beside each other, not caring what the other passengers would think. He would work in some amazing business and he was only catching the bus because his car was being fixed.

The love affair would last until one of us would have to leave the bus or someone better would get on.

These brief crushes seem to follow me wherever I go. I think it’s a way for my mind not to get bored, making up creative back stories, him as the hero, and me as the leading lady. Jumping into his Porsche and speeding off down the street, or on the back of a horse, galloping down the middle of George St with cars whizzing past us.

But there is one rule — it will all come crashing down if I ever meet them.This doesn’t just happen with strangers. My mind can also wander with celebrities. My latest one is shaggy comedian Josh Thomas. I normally wouldn’t even consider him for one of my soap opera love affairs, but it seems every time I see a picture or he’s on TV, we are deeply in love. Maybe it’s my deep desire to brush that bloody hair.

So if you see a short tattooed drag queen gazing lovingly into your eyes for no reason, don’t worry, you’re probably playing the lead role in a very steamy fantasy.

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