Israel Folau to headline Australian Christian Lobby conference

Israel Folau to headline Australian Christian Lobby conference
Image: Israel Folau on the cover of Star Observer's August 2014 issue.

Controversial footballer Israel Folau has been announced as the headline speaker at this year’s Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) conference in Sydney, which has the theme of “Not Ashamed.”

Folau will open the conference with a Q&A style session with ACL managing director Martyn Iles titled, “The Approval of Men rather than God.”

Folau was famously sacked by Rugby Australia after repeatedly being warned about making social media posts expressing religious condemnation of LGBTQI people and other groups, saying that “hell awaits” them.

Folau is still in the middle of a legal battle with Rugby Australia and the ACL previously ran a crowdfunding campaign to bankroll his court case.

Organisers say the conference will be a “masterclass in standing boldly for your faith in modern Australia.”

“The Apostle Paul declared that he was ‘not ashamed’ in the face of hostility, mockery, social pressure, fear, and obstacles,” they say.

“We live in changing times; times that are challenging for us who are called to live boldly for Christ. Just as Paul was ‘not ashamed’ to witness to God’s truth, the time has come for us to do the same.”

Backbench NSW Liberal MP Tanya Davies will also be speaking at the event about the abortion debate in NSW.

The day long conference is being held at an undisclosed location in the Sydney CBD on October 19 and it is likely organisers fear protesters will picket the event.

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2 responses to “Israel Folau to headline Australian Christian Lobby conference”

  1. Remember his hate-filled judgement of drunks, fornicators, drug-users and our community of homosexuals?

    He told us we would all go to some (mythical) place called Hell.

    Doesn’t Issy realise that people have got to believe in the existence of some other-worldly places such as Heaven and Hell?

    It is thanks to the paedos within his own little sect and those within the other churches that so many of us have now realised that religion is a massive, money-making con-job.

    As he has seen fit, contrary to Jesus’ teaching, to stand in judgement of us, it is very likely that when he gets to those Pearly Gates he has such a strong belief in, old St Pete will tell him to got to Hell as punishment for judging others. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

    Issy Folau is, like so many self-styled “Christians” who set themselves up as judge and jury of everyone, one of the biggest hypocrites of recent times. Whilst he stood in judgement and condemned practically everyone to his mythical Hell, the one large group he consistently refuses to judge and condemn are paedophiles – mostly heterosexual, married men, promoted by their religious sects as “Good Christian family men” when they come to court.

    Folau owes it to everyone to explain why he refuses to judge and condemn these monsters. If he doesn’t then we will make our own decisions as to why he won’t.