Australian Christian Lobby Outcry Over Bingo Ball Boy

Australian Christian Lobby Outcry Over Bingo Ball Boy
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The Australian Christian Lobby have lashed out at a Brisbane Balls Out Bingo event calling for it to be stopped, asking for a public apology and even reporting it to the police.

Wendy Francis is behind the outrage calling it a “diabolical exploitation of young boys.”

A claim made purely on one line of marketing for the event.

Australian Christian Lobby claims bingo event is “diabolical”

Wendy Francis of the Australian Christian Lobby has today released a statement calling for the cancellation of a Balls Out Bingo event in Brisbane.

The event to be held at the Wantama Golf Club on May 29 is a bingo event for adults held at venues all across South East Queensland.

Hosted by drag personality Candy Surprise, the events are marketed as a fun night of entertainment including prizes, games and a “sexy ball boy.”

And it’s the wording that has Wendy Francis and the Australian Christian Lobby in a spin.

Francis appears to have not checked with event organisers before sharing her claims, instead assuming that the ball “boy” in question would be a child.

“Australians who value the innocence of children have had enough”

“Wantama Golf Club’s advertising of their drag event featuring “SEXY BALL BOY” is yet another example of a blatant attempt to sexualise children and normalize evil” reads the statement issued by the Australian Christian Lobby.

“The adult drag event being promoted by Wantama Golf Club entices people to attend to view “Sexy Ball Boy“. This appears to be nothing other than a diabolical exploitation of young boys for adult’s sexual entertainment” said Wendy Francis in a statement.

“As a society, we cannot ignore blatant sexualization of children such as this. ‘Ballkids’, by definition and according to the rules, are aged between 11 and 16 years old. Australians who value the innocence of children have had enough.”

“Young boys are not sex objects and any suggestion of otherwise is sick” she said.

It appears unclear where Francis sourced her definition of the term or what “rules” she refers to, however it is far from the truth.

The term “ball boy” has been used by the event for many years and refers to an adult male, who performs as a part of the event for the guests throughout the show.

Performers are and always have been adult men.

In fact the company release an annual calendar featuring the men who appear as their “ball boys” throughout the year, who all clearly are adult men.

However the Australian Christian Lobby have called for the event to be cancelled and the venue to issue an apology.

They have even gone so far as to report the event to the Australian Federal Police “to investigate whether a crime has been committed against minors” they state.

Balls Out Bingo respond to the Australian Christian Lobby

Jan Thwaites owner of Balls Out Bingo has responded to claims made by Francis and the Australian Christian Lobby calling her statements “ludicrous.”

“The claims made by Wendy Francis from the ACL are completely misinformed and totally incorrect” she stated.

“If Wendy Francis had bothered to reach out to Balls OUT Bingo prior to releasing this fairly slanderous media release, she would have been informed that ALL of our ‘sexy ball boys’ are well over the age of 18 years old.”

“The term ‘ball kid’ that Wendy Francis is using as her reference is a tennis reference and has nothing to do with the events that are provided by Balls OUT Bingo Brisbane” she explained.

Thwaites went on to affirm the events are not for children.

“It’s just ludicrous! All Balls OUT Bingo events are advertised as 18+ adults only events.”

Wendy Francis: No Stranger To Controversy

Wendy Francis is the National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby and she is no stranger at making headlines.

In 2011 Francis famously called for the RipnRoll safe sex advertising campaign in Brisbane to be cancelled.

The campaign which featured two fully clothed males hugging was deemed too offensive for Francis and The Australian Christian Lobby.

However their attempts to have the posters and billboards removed backfired, triggering a national campaign for the images to be reinstated.

Wendy has also led campaigns against other brands and venues including Drag Story Time that she believes to be at risk of “sexualising children.”

Rip and Roll Billboard featuring Michael James

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11 responses to “Australian Christian Lobby Outcry Over Bingo Ball Boy”

  1. Nothing will satisfy the ACL until the world heads back to the 1950’s when gay sex is illegal and we have learnt our place in their homophobic world.
    What’s next, do they also want bans on abortion, contraception and sex education. The ACL needs to keep their minds out of our life the same way the majority of us have nothing to do with them.

  2. Again with the stupidity of the Christian groups. These event are fun and entertaining. Children have nothing to do with this, but the ones who howl the loudest about protecting the children are usually the ones who use kids just to further their own hateful bigoted agenda.

  3. What don’t they get upset about? They spend far too much time projecting their sinful lives onto others.

  4. I had the not so pleasurable experience of providing Wendy Francis with LGBTIQA+ inclusion training many years ago at the request of the Anti Discrimination Commission after insulting tweets….she has learnt nothing in all these years spanning over a decade

  5. Perhaps the Australian Christian Lobby could run their own event.
    Something like ‘Mind Fkd’. Or “Tits out, Mouth shut’.

  6. If Ms. Francis’ statement is not blatant Hate Speech then I don’t know what that term means. She should be sued for slander by the owners of Balls Out Bingo and then also charged for Hate Speech.
    I wonder when Francis will start accusing all Heterosexual Men and Women who refer to their female/male partners as Girl/Boy Friend of being paedophiles? She probably already does that when chattering about Same Sex couples.
    Francis would better serve Christianity if she started condemning all those American Christians who allow their children to own guns and to go out and kill innocent fellow Christians? The Christians, Jewish, Muslim Political leaders around the world who are currently breaking one of their God, Yahweh, Allah’s most important of all the Ten Commandments: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

  7. I guess the group need to do something to try and justify their very existence because, to the majority of Australians, they are so irrelevant if it actually funny. This event is a full event. Like Drag Storytime, to most kids that attend, they are nothing but someone in fancy dress telling them a fun story. They need to get over themselves.

  8. I find it ironic that only WF’s mind went to such a wrong assumption. Speaks more to her depraved mind and ideology. Balls Out Bingo is a wonderful event.

  9. So many heterosexual Christians are full of hate?

    So many Christian denominations globally because they don’t agree with each other?

  10. Seriously Wendy Francis has really lost the plot, the Ball Boy is Not a Child, he’s an adult, it’s the term Ball Boy, I think the Queer Community needs to get behind Balls Out Bingo and Call Wendy Francis for what she is, a Homophobic Bigot, they’ve gone after us with the Marriage Equality Debate, they’ve lost that, then they’ve gone after Trans People and they’re losing that debate and now they’re attacking Balls Out Bingo? When will this nonsense end with this bloody person?