On 20 February the sun moved into Pisces. On 21 February the moon moves into Virgo and a lunar eclipse occurs.

Astrologically Virgo and Pisces are opposites in the zodiac. Your opposite sign is your dark side or the parts of yourself you need in order to be whole or complete.

Three out of the four signs and heavenly bodies involved in this eclipse are feminine signs. This means the effects of this eclipse will be a subtle internalised experience, unlike a solar eclipse which is more externalised.

A lunar eclipse will be a time of reflection, or going within and looking at your internal world.

On a psychological level the eclipse is like an unveiling between the sub-conscious and conscious mind and because it’s in Virgo this may urge you to tidy things up on a mental level and bring more structure and emotional intelligence to your emotional world.

It is a time to sit quietly, go within and really connect to your inner world.


You can achieve power in the workplace with this eclipse and can use it to better your health. Work towards releasing bad habits, which include health habits as well as emotional habits, like jealousy. Look at implementing new fitness regimes and diet as there is focus on responsibility for your wellbeing.


There will be a balancing act between fulfilling your duties and having fun. Your attention and efforts are more drawn towards your duties as you are setting yourself up for the near future but, when there is all work and no play, frustration and depleted energy levels ensue. Include some pleasure activities here and there.


Your home and domestic situation needs your attention above everything else. There may be large developments and time-consuming projects where work is concerned. However, don’t let those close to you feel neglected. After all they are the ones who love and support you.


Are you familiar with the laws of attraction? Some believe that your thoughts create your reality and others believe that thought plus emotion creates your reality. You are in a process of changing your thought patterns and soon you will see how important it is to have both head and heart on the same level.


Recent months have shown you what you are capable of when it comes to the crunch. This is a great boost for the self-esteem, which then flows on to empowering you for similar moments in the future. Remain steady on your current path and soon your capabilities will be evident to others, not just yourself.


This eclipse marks a turning point for you. How you chose to execute and experience this will set a path for your future. Eclipses are harbingers of change and most of us fear the unknown, but basic psychology says that anger is more useful than fear. Keep your cool and head forth determined and courageous.


Not only do eclipses bring change, they are also climactic for what has come before them. Previous forecasts have spoken of you, your subconscious and the need to honour it. The things that exist beneath the surface need to be allowed up for air. Clear your busy schedule and make room for quiet contemplation.


Your hopes, dreams, friends and networks are affected by this eclipse. This is a great time to bring your desires to fruition and become clear on how to achieve your goals. What seems impossible can be made possible and the connections around you may have an involvement.


If your career has been consuming your time and energy, this is about to change. You will make some firm decisions about your direction and should keep in mind win/win situations. If you have to choose the lesser of two evils, you will find that you will be able to deal with the choice you’ve made.


It’s all about the bigger picture and how you fit into it. Recent astrological factors have focused on your personal development. Now it’s time to expand your mind and incorporate worldly knowledge, to see how that can aid your growth. Study, travel and philosophical endeavours can be a good place to start.


Previously, we discussed your birthday being a big one this year. That theme continues as the eclipse takes place in your eighth house of sex, death, transformation and joint finances. You are going to find truth in matters that you haven’t seen before and you will uncover things about yourself that are very interesting to say the least.


How you relate to others and your attitude towards relationships will change. So will your ideas on love. This is a time for closure of those relationships that have had their day and compromise will be important for the ongoing relationships. A new love could cross your path and isn’t limited to just a person.

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