Playing it safe

Playing it safe

I haven’t chatted about it for a little while and I suppose it is time to get back on the horse. I am talking about my 2006 New Year’s resolution, to make Oxford Street gayer.

After the big push over Mardi Gras and my appointment as Oxford Street safety ambassador, I have been a little quiet on the soapbox. But it is all about to change. Next Tuesday I will be hosting a fabulous discussion about making our community safer.

Only a couple of weeks ago I was out having a girls night with one of my favourite sister girlfriends Verushka Darling. We decided to make the trek up to Stonewall for a lazy bevie or two (or six).

We were almost at Stonie when we realised this little ant of a man was skulking behind us. Both Verushka and I turned and asked politely what the hell he was doing. For some reason the young man thought it was his duty to spit on us.

Now, from such a terrible state of affairs comes a little bit of humour. The young man we questioned was quite obviously off his face.

Many of you would know that when you are off your face on things you don’t buy at a chemist, your mouth becomes dry, and so this poor boy did his best to spit on us but with an extremely dry mouth all he could muster was a few tiny froth balls.

Shocked but highly amused, Verushka and I laughed hard in his face. What is the strip coming to?

Remember my drive on boys and girls kissing on Oxford Street? Slowly but surely it has been happening before my very eyes.

There is a sense of achievement when you see a couple of gay boys walking down Oxford Street kissing and holding hands, and it is a tough ask.

Many who have ventured on to the strip recently know that any overt gay overtones are meet with verbal abuse and random acts of violence.

So if, like me, you want to contribute to making Oxford Street more friendly to everyone and make it safer to walk down the street holding your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s hand, come along to Slide on Tuesday 18 April from 7pm to 8:30pm.

Let’s start talking about it so that we can find a solution to this craziness.

EYESPY Western Sydney diva Beverly Buttercup is starting a new party at Moorebank Sports Club, starting on 29 April with Marcia Monterey, Brandi Alexander, Crystal Clear and special guest Penny Clifford.

With so many activities now happening in Western Sydney -“ Dolphins, 4play, Rebellion and Diamonds & Pearls -“ one wonders which of them will survive.

‘Tis the season to feel chocolaty. Happy Easter to everyone.

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