On 2 April Pluto went into retrograde and will stay there until 9 September.

Pluto rules the subconscious, destruction, death and rejuvenation and it goes retrograde once a year for approximately five months.
When a planet goes retrograde it creates a disruptive effect in the planet’s natural flow.

Pluto doesn’t mess around, it goes straight to the point, so if you haven’t been dealing with your issues you will now have no choice.

Throw in Capricorn and it will help you to create a methodical process to deal with the transformational goings-on.

On a global scale you will be challenged to look at your current beliefs. Often things have to get worse before they get better so violence for suppressed groups or countries may increase.


Your personal identity and role in life are triggered by Pluto retrograde. This cycle is about stripping yourself down and letting go of unnecessary attachments to realise the truth in your life. There’s an idea or plan you’ve been hanging on to for a while that doesn’t serve a purpose any more. It’s time to think about where you want to be in a year.


The time is perfect for testing out New Age ideas and allowing a little magic in your life. If this isn’t your thing, at least try it before you dismiss it. We are made up of many different parts, including the unexplainable, and not everything is scientific or logical. Pluto is asking you to discover and teach yourself about your spirit.


Here are great opportunities to widen the circle of people you know, not because you need to replace your friends but because you could get in contact with people who can assist in making your dream come true. Pluto is about power and it is retrograding in your transformation zone, so it’s all about making it happen.


The relationships throughout your life may have defined who you are today. This is the time to change that and start defining your position in life yourself. It’s one thing to let yourself be governed by others’ opinions and another to just see it as feedback. Get to the core of how and why those relationships affected you; then move on.


Take a look at the bigger picture when assessing your daily life. What has led you to where you are? What are your instincts telling you? Your instincts are rarely wrong and when they are it is because you are fearful. Your inner voice is dulled when you confuse it with fear. Take some quiet time to listen to it objectively.


What do you want out of life and are you willing to do what’s necessary to get it? You need to start with yourself and not blame or criticise outside influences. There are people in your life who can help you figure it out, but you need to be willing to let them. This means being open to what they have to say and show you.


As a Libran it’s natural that your sense of security comes from your relationships. You need to go deeper and discover that your sense of security comes from your own doing. The past bears no relevance any more so leave it where it is. That being said, there are great stars for love, for yourself and a significant other.


Hope for the best and it will come. Staying positive about your lot is important this month. There are some changes ahead in your daily life that could cause some doubt, but if you maintain faith that all is going as it should you’ll be fine. Try not to question if developments are too good to be true, because you do deserve it.


If your life has been going great then celebrate your successes. If not so great then it’s time to plan and strategise about how you can get it in good shape. It’s not really the nature of Sagittarians to be worried, over-reactive or unhappy. So if this is the case, it’s a clear indicator of something not right. Look for where that is and work on it.


With Pluto retrograding in your sign you may feel a sense of power. Remember that you are going through a learning phase still, so don’t abuse it. Just let it teach you about the capabilities within you. Your intensity is also amplified and something to keep in check. This applies to your relationships and domestic security situation. Be diplomatic, not erratic.


There will be a lot on your mind and you’ll need to balance some quiet time with your busy schedule.

Ironically, the quiet time is what will help combat everything you have to do. When we take a moment to contemplate and relax, our inner voice has a chance to guide us in the best way to proceed. Don’t let things get on top of you.


A nice boost in self-esteem is on offer if you choose to claim your authority in your relationships and detach yourself from being one of the herd. Try to focus on your self-expression and what you value in yourself. By being an individual and staying true to yourself you’ll be able to help more people than you realise.

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