Proud to be real

Proud to be real

Her voice has made grown men cry and the lyrics to her songs come directly from the soul. But after 10 years on the road with the band George, Katie Noonan is flying solo -“ and soaring.

And even though Noonan has a family to manage as well as a rapidly growing solo career, she has managed to top both the pop and jazz charts and sold in excess of 200,000 albums.

That success is certain to be added to with the release of Skin, the latest album from the woman considered one of Australia’s finest and most unique singers.

I definitely wanted to break away from the George sound, Noonan said. But that would have happened anyway because in the band it was all about the five personalities and most of the tracks were written by my brother.

This album has a 60s soul-like sound. We tracked it completely live and totally analogue -“ nothing digital. The overall sound is very organic and warm.

Personally, it’s been a time of growth and lessons. I’ve married my soul mate and had two beautiful boys -“ the songs all reflect this.

The album’s lead single, Time To Begin, explores the notions of a new beginning and embracing the positive. It is already a chart hit and has paved the way for the second single, Send Out A Little Love, to go the same way.

It’s about the isolation of the modern world, how people don’t know their neighbours any more. It’s important to remember to send out love -“ to yourself and those around you, Noonan said.

Hopefully the song will be released but I’m not really a singles artist -“ I’m more of an album artist.

Noonan has long been praised for her reality, her ability to stand tall and not bow to industry pressure to conform to what many record companies think the public wants in a successful artist.

Music is about communicating and what you look like has nothing do with that, she said. I think a real musician doesn’t have to worry about that.

Skin will be in the shops from 11 August. It will be followed by a concert at the Metro on 31 August and an Opera House gig in September.

It’s fantastic to have the support of the gay community -“ so you’ll have to come to my show, Noonan said.

In the meantime, Noonan is soon to be celebrating her ninth anniversary. She says that the success of having a long-term relationship -“ gay or straight -“ is teamwork and communication.

Open communication and letting each other know how you feel is important, she said. Without trust there’ll be nothing. Relationships do go up and down and giving each other space is essential.

Katie Noonan will play the Metro Theatre on Friday 31 August. Tickets: Ticketek 132 849 or

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