Queer Screen Film Festival announces 2018 teaser films

Queer Screen Film Festival announces 2018 teaser films

Queer Screen has announced the first three teaser films for the 2018 Queer Screen Film Festival in September, including a fabulous opening night selection.

And Breathe Normally, which won the World Cinema Directing Award at Sundance this year, will mark the start of the festival.

Touching on highly relevant themes of immigration and economic crisis, And Breathe Normally also won the Audience Award at this year’s Provincetown Film Festival.

Described as touching and heartfelt, the film follows two women – Adja, who is fleeing from persection in Guinea-Bissau on a forged passport, and Lára, who is struggling both financially and with addiction – who are brought together by random events.

If you’re already missing World Cup eye candy, Mario will be the perfect pick-me-up.

This Swiss film revolves around the growing lust and love between Mario and Leon, two budding soccer players aiming for the premier league.

Their burgeoning relationship butts up against the conservativeness of the sports world, with the film examining love under pressure and the nature of compromise in matters of the heart.

The Australian showcase at this year’s QSFF is documentary Nothing to Lose, which was completed with the assistance of Queer Screen’s Completion Fund.

Directed by queer artist and activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater, the film takes a look at the making of the smash success stage show of the same name.

Nothing to Lose charts the creation of a show which set out to challenge preconceived notions of the kinds of bodies allowed in the performance world.

With acclaimed choreographer Kate Champion at the helm, Nothing to Lose created a powerful new language of dance and shattered preconceptions about femininity and masculinity, beauty, and desirability.

The 6th Queer Screen Film Festival runs from September 18 – 23 at its usual home, Event Cinemas George Street, with the full program to be announced on August 9.

Watch the trailer for Mario below:

Tickets for the teaser films, as well as flexipasses for the full festival, are now on sale on Queer Screen’s website.

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