Rebellion comes out

Rebellion comes out

Rebellion, an organisation that provides support for GLBT people in both urban and regional areas, has changed its name to “Come Out”.

The new name, which was selected after months of community consultation, more accurately describes the group’s aims and objectives, president Bernard Busooa said.

“It also alleviates some of the marketing problems faced by Rebellion branches in rural and suburban regions,” he said.

The name Rebellion came from a dance held in 2005, Busooa said, and, while it served a valid purpose at the time, “the organisation has since grown and changed some of its original focus”.

“It is still a great name for a dance, and we will continue to use it for such events,” he said.

“The new name can be used in so many different ways, ‘Come Out of the closet’, ‘Come Out for your rights’, ‘Come Out and meet the locals’ and ‘Come Out and party’.”

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