Refugees’ appeals update

Refugees’ appeals update

The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby is preparing a report on refugees fleeing anti-gay persecution for the Refugee Review Tribunal.

The Lobby hopes the report will be used by the Tribunal to develop training on sexuality issues.

The pressure for training comes after the poorly handled cases of gay refugees Ali Humayun and Mike Sarhan were highlighted in Sydney Star Observer this year.

SSO is aware of more cases currently under review where RRT members rejected applications made on the basis of anti-gay persecution.

Sarhan is confident his application will be successful after it was reheard by the RRT, with initial indications the presiding member accepted the Egyptian was homosexual and in a monogamous relationship.

Humayun recently sued the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and Australasian Correctional Services Pty Ltd for breaching their duty of care by failing to treat his depression and allowing him to become a heroin addict.

The Supreme Court will hear the claim in September.

Humayun’s application for a temporary protection visa will go before the Federal Magistrates Court, which he hopes will allow the RRT to rehear the case.

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