Salvos college allegedly still ‘bullying’ LGBTI student

Salvos college allegedly still ‘bullying’ LGBTI student
Image: Salvation Army Photo: Facebook via Salvation Army Australia

THE Salvation Army’s Booth College is reportedly continuing to intimidate an LGBTI student who submitted an LGBTI-themed assessment this semester.

Shelly Kershaw had previously presented a student sermon arguing the case for marriage equality based on the bible. While the presentation was well received, Kershaw said the college faculty has threatened failure over the choice of topic and asked Kershaw to withdraw from study.

The theology student said matters have since escalated, with the college refusing to address the issue through its usual student grievance channels and asking instead for Kershaw to meet with a lawyer, with no student union advocate present.

“It’s a tactic of essentially excluding [the college] from investigating the matter and excluding the student advocate from representing me in the case,” said Kershaw.

“They’re not about resolving the matter at all. This is about protecting the interests of bullies.

“There was no way I was going to walk into a meeting to deal with a bully with the student advocate excluded from being there.”

Kershaw said teachers are still refusing to mark the assessment, preventing further academic progression. Kershaw is being forced to consider transfer to another college in order to continue study.

“Booth College needs to address the issue of bullying and discrimination that happened, and the equal right of LGBTI students to study,” said Kershaw.

“They need to implement the Safe Schools program so this doesn’t happen again.”

“This information is not accurate,” said a Salvation Army spokesperson.

“The Salvation Army Booth College supports all students in a manner which ensures procedural fairness and freedom from unfair repercussions. Just to reiterate, The Salvation Army Booth College values learning in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.”

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2 responses to “Salvos college allegedly still ‘bullying’ LGBTI student”

  1. I support charities, but never the Salvation Army. They are homophobic and their beliefs do not include acceptance, let alone equality, of gay people. Walk past their donation boxes!

  2. The Salvation Army is incapable of change and its homophobic stance runs parallel with the federal politicians and many other politicians as well.
    Notice the homophobia of the AFL? No gay footy players, but in the new women’s teams there are out lesbians. So homophobia is rife in our communities and the Salvos are with them all the way!