SGLBA launches gay business awards

SGLBA launches gay business awards

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association (SGLBA) is asking members of the GLBTI community to nominate their favourite businesses and business people for the SGLBA 2010 Business Awards.

SGLBA president Paul Lee-Maynard said the awards are held every two years, and these would be the fifth to be held.

“Enthusiasm, initiative and innovation by GLBT business owners and managers are to be recognised and rewarded in the 2010 SGLBA Business Awards,” Lee-Maynard told Sydney star Observer.

There are five categories of award; the Entrepreneur Award, recognising innovation in terms of customer service, product, process or management practices; the Enterprise Award, honouring exceptional vision and leadership; the Young Business Person Award; the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Award, recognising those who make a living out of what hey love the most; and the Excellence Award for Corporate or Community Managers, recognising an individual from within the corporate world or public or community sectors.

Businesses and business people need not be SGLBA members to be nominated, and the organisation is keen to see people who might not traditionally think of themselves as being involved in business being nominated, such as creatives or people working for a cause — particularly for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur category.

Businesses and individuals can nominate themselves and are encouraged to do so.

info: Visit the SGLBA website at And don’t forget, the SGLBA annual general meeting at 6pm on Thursday, August 5 at the Sydney Masonic Centre in Goulburn St. The next Lemons With A Twist is on Friday, August 6 from 6pm at Slide; and the next Fruits In Suits from 6pm on August 19 at the Beresford Hotel.

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