Show us your tatts

Show us your tatts

There are just a few more days left to polish up your bike and get some fresh ink – the Dykes on Bikes Bike and Tattoo show is here again.

On this Sunday 24 February at the Hampshire Hotel, guys and gals of any inclination with a love of throbbing 400cc bikes and dark skin art are invited to take part as competitors or just awestruck spectators.

“It’s a great part of the festival,” Dykes on Bikes president Annette Mesure said.

“It helps to build up our excitement levels for the parade. It’s also a great chance to catch up with the people you don’t get to see outside of the Mardi Gras month.

“It really is just about having a fun day – my personal highlight is seeing some of the custom bikes and of course seeing some of our members’ bikes actually clean for at least one day of the year. For others it might be the wet T-shirt competition.”

Bikes must arrive before the 1pm starting time. Prizes and trophies will be given out in a range of categories, including best tourer, best 250cc and under and best Rat Bike (the most beaten up). And when the sun goes down, the clothes come off for the tattoo segment of the evening.

Dykes on Bikes secretary Lyn Doherty said the tattoo part of the show was a real thrill.

“My favourite part is checking out the tattoos – the detail in some of the work amazes me,” she said.

“I always leave promising I’m going to get another three or four. Plus, the entertainment. This year we have Bluehouse doing a special guest performance, Dreadcircus will end the night and JBear and Aquila  are back again.”

With Cheryl Webster and Naomi Palmer lined up as MCs, it’s sure to be a roaring night. All proceeds go to The Luncheon Club, Monika’s Doggie Rescue and the Lesbian Counselling Service.

DOB Bike and Tattoo show, 24 February, the Hampshire Hotel, 91 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, 1pm-10pm.

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