Sleaze Uniforms

Sleaze Uniforms

Boy scouts, schoolgirls, nurses, flight attendants, soldiers and police officers will be just some of the sleazy partygoers to wield a can of spray starch this week. With Sleaze 2002 In Uniform scheduled for Saturday week, now is the time to ensure our uniforms are pressed and ready.

Pride co-convenor Chris Maynard was busily preparing much more than his Sleaze uniform when he spoke to the Star this week.

Everything’s come together nicely for the party, bump in [moving scenic details into the party site] starts next week and construction has been moving along wonderfully for the scenic, Maynard said.

This will be a very different party, it will be very visual with a lot based around lighting.

Ticket sales are not moving as fast as hoped but Maynard has his fingers crossed that things will pick up.

We’re comfortable, but there needs to be an up-turn soon, Maynard said.

Rumours about super-sleazy shows are starting to fly which should push ticket sales along. Pride secretary and events director, Neale Craker, revealed one juicy morsel.

One of the shows will be a gender-bending mind-fuck, using the Garbage song Androgyny. At this stage we can’t say who will be performing the song but watch this space!

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